Three Easy Ways to get out of Emotional Breakdowns.

three ways to get out of emotional breakdowns

Previously on The Soul Talks, I had talked about Sense of belonging on what actually is the sense of belonging and how can you achieve it in easy three steps. In case, you’ve missed the article, here’s the link:

Today, the emotion that I’m going to talk about is Breakdowns. Lemme tell you straight breakdowns are damn tough. Its like losing 20 kilos within a month, that bad are breakdowns.

Breakdowns are those moments when all you do is be lowkey and try to be alone, think of getting cured but that doesn’t happen.

three easy ways to get out of emotional breakdowns

Having an emotional breakdown is really daunting, just as when pressure begins to overwhelm an individual to the point where her professional or personal well-being is compromised, symptoms of a emotional breakdown may become apparent.

What you gotta do in such a situation is

Be a good listener:

three easy ways to get out of emotional breakdowns

Being a listener means just that – you do not necessarily have to give advice or your opinion on the situation. No one is expecting you to have the qualifications of a professional mental health counselor, and you probably should not attempt to do so. More damage may be sustained if you, with all good intentions, encourage a fragile individual to just “snap out of it.” This can invalidate emotions and compel her to feel ashamed or guilty about his/her current situation in life.



three easy ways to get out of emotional breakdowns

A small word belief can do wonders trust me if you start believing that no one can take away my share of happiness or my share of joyous moments.

At times when I’m down, don’t feel like talking to anyone or don’t feel like doing anything then what I do is believe that this too shall pass and make it point that it doesn’t take away my due share of happiness. Not to sound hypothetical but this believe can take you way ahead and get you out of that swamp where negativity stays.

Do what you like:

three easy ways to get out of emotional breakdowns

Do you watch cartoons? Nope? I do! It sounds kiddish but it definitely works. I mean watching Shinchan or tuning into Doraemon or whatsoever cartoon you might like, there’s a hell lot of positivity coming from these cartoons. Shinchan is the go to man for me: anytime, anywhere!!

Not just cartoons, if you like anything else which really pumps you up, DO IT. do not wait for anyone to come to you and serve you cus that’s not gonna happen, you have to fight your own battles.

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49 Replies to “Three Easy Ways to get out of Emotional Breakdowns.”

  1. Excellent post !!
    Breakdowns are damn tough. Its like losing 20 kilos within a month, that bad are breakdowns
    Valuable post
    Liked it
    Keep sharing

    1. Readers like you inspire for further posts. Thank you 🙂

  2. Nice dear,keep writing 👍

    1. Sure will 🙂 Thank you Priti!

  3. This is a great post! I love the “Be a good listener” advice because it implies empathy which is so important in tough times. We get to feel that we’re not alone. Thanks for sharing! Keep it up!

    1. I am really glad to know your views. Thank you for such a wonderful comment. <3

  4. I’m completely agree with your ways..they definitely can do wonders to get out of breakdowns..great post Piyush🙌🏻👍🏻

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you liked it😊

  5. Great post!!! And the be a good listener one is such good advice. It’s not all the time that we have to find words to console someone, just simply being there or even sitting in silence with someone who is experiencing an emotional breakdown! You’ve got a fab blog!!! I like the theme!

    1. That’s very kind of you to say. I mean just by listening, you can solve half the problem. Thank you for taking the read. <3

  6. Listening….I listen to music. I find myself having an anomaly of break downs, yet sitting in a quiet place and turning on music truly helps me. It’s like a different world I step into. Without knowing of how I’m dealing with it. I just zone out. Prolly not the best method but it helps for the moment.

    1. I’ll tell you one thing that if you find someone to talk to… that’d be really helpful for you cus zoning out will cure you for a particular time period…then again after a certain time those thoughts will gush your mind again and then again it causes trouble.
      If you find someone who listens to you and gives out proper advises or helps you that’d be really grateful for you as those breakdowns then will gradually go down and you’ll start being happy.

      If you want someone to listen to or talk to… I’m there always 🙂

  7. Always thoughtful and inspiring. Great stuff.

    1. Thank you sirji….. I hope Hindi samajte hoo aap…haha

      1. I have posted many Hindi poems in the past 😊🌸

  8. I love your interpretation. I agree with you, you have to fight your own battles. So we got to figure out how to help ourselves.

    1. Yeah true. Fight your own battles and clean your own plates, this is what I believe in. Thank you for your kind views Moushmi 🙂 Appreciated.

  9. Thoughtful post! So true it’s really tough to overcome breakdowns!! I am sure these tips are gonna help many…

    1. Thank you if that helped you.😊

      1. You are so welcome!! 😊✨

  10. I have breakdowns at least 2,3 times a months it’s more of like a part of me 😅. Praying do work for me like when I feels like giving up or not talking to anyone, talking to Jesus always helps me. And if it’s just too much stressed or feels very very bad I dance that sometimes works.

    1. I mean I suggest you should start taking steps cus breakdowns and that too 2-3 times a month are really tough to come out from. I feel that you should really talk w someone who listens to you and could give advises which work out for you and get that breakdowns out of your system.

      1. Okay I’ll try. Thank you 😊

        1. If you need someone to talk to, feel free to drop by 🙂

  11. That’s an interesting article! As far as I am concerned I toggle between slipping into the no-man’s zone, shutting myself from the world to be able to heal and reaching out to my friends. But I guess it all breaks to having time heal the pain.

    And thank you so much for chancing upon my blog 🙂

    1. Yk, I get to hear this a lot that ‘I go into my shell and heal myself’ but I feel that I mean don’t get me wrong that going into no man’s zone and shutting yourself from the world might give you healing for a particular time period but not a major solution. If you open the door and let your close one’s come in and make them sit and discuss your issues then you get to know their perspective as well and I am pretty sure they might have a solution for it.
      Apologies if anything went offensive.

      1. Not at all, it isn’t offensive by any means. Hence I said toggling between the two 🙂 Let me clarify and try and make sense. As a person I have been an ‘Agony Aunt’ to everybody that I know of and the tag makes it unbelievable for others to imagine that I could go through an emotional crisis. So when I do seek out I get the answer, ‘oh you’d figure it out. You are the healer yourself’. Well that’s one set of people. While the remainder get tired of my endless barrage of running in circles, as I tend to go over and over, the vices of an overthinking mind 🙂 The amalgamation of everything sends me packing into my shell 🙂

        Nonetheless, there have been a few who are there to listen and let me vent out.

        1. Oh that was really sad to hear! I mean even the toughest souls require someone to heal themselves from and I feel those who say ‘you’d figure it out’ are the nerds of the society cus they want people to take part in their troubles but on the other hand, they don’t wanna be a part of someone who’s going through trouble. I feel good that you have a few who are there to listen to you and anytime if you feel like talking or sharing or want someone to listen to you, feel free to drop by.

          1. Thank you so much Piyush 🙂 That’s very kind of you. Indeed the toughest souls need a helping hand too! And honestly writing here and speaking my mind has been a catharsis in ways more than one 🙂

          2. Of course! Penning down what you feel is a great way to get it out what you feel. Also, there is great support here which makes it a cherry on the cake.

          3. I could not agree more 🙂

          4. It was nice having a word w you!!

          5. Same here Piyush! 🙂

  12. 👏👏👏👌👌nice ways..especially to watch cartoons..

    1. It may be kiddish for some but trust me, it works well for me and can do for a hell lot of people!
      Thank you for reading my blog and mentioning your comments, appreciated!

      1. No it is not kiddish even i enjoy to watch cartoons nd i forget my all sadness when i saw it

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