Three aspects which brings hesitation to the table

Previously on The Soul Talks, I had talked about One-Sided love and also the four concepts which were really important to discuss putting the concept of one-sided love into picture. I had mentioned the concepts in a detailed manner and also the causes and outcomes of those concepts. In case, you’ve missed the article here’s the link:

Today, the emotion that I am going to talk about is something a bit unusual and still somewhere down the line I feel it prevails majorly in our system. It is hesitation.

Hesitation occurs to everyone and in a lot of fields but the one that I’m talking about is ‘Hesitating to say what we feel or what we want to say.’

To hesitate is normal but over hesitating or above-par hesitation can really crash your confidence level and bring it to a level where it becomes really difficult to raise it again. Now, the causes for the hesitation that occurs can be a lot of aspects but today I’ll be talking about the major three aspects:

Over analysis (which I do most of the times)


Being an over-thinker what happens is we run all the scenarios in our mind which we can think of. Possibly everything around and revolving that particular topic and maybe going too far from it and also analysing the other aspects which may not be related to the topic. Analysing is good but over-analysing is where hesitations can come and play a big part in spoiling our thoughts. This becomes a problem when we cannot get over our processing period and that thing keeps revolving in our brain. We basically can convince ourselves of, basically anything as we’re good at that. It’s the vulnerability that gets us to land on bad decisions and bad outputs.

One tip to cover it up: Try seeking advice and share your decision with whom you trust maybe then you’ll be calmer than before.

The second aspect that I’d like to talk about is

Our Pertinacious Attitude:


Somewhere down the line everyone is stubborn but if you’re stubborn in holding what you feel for anything then what you’re doing is running away from it and giving it the name of tenacious attitude. That’s not gonna work. In holding that feel, you’re cultivating ignorance, somewhere arrogance too (cus then you feel you’re doing absolutely correct which may not be the case.)

You can do it and you will. Get that thing inside your head. And finally, the last one is contrary to the above which is

Doubt which brings Hesitation:

There’s this evil little devil. It creeps into our head or finds it way and slams through the doors of our thoughts and feelings. Doubt makes people cower. Doubt tells that you are not ready for things which is really bad cus you are ready for it and all you’re doing is doubting yourself when you know you can make it happen.

Small tip again: if could push through all of the doubt, you can make it happen.


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17 Replies to “Three aspects which brings hesitation to the table”

    1. Thank you! I hope it does help you…

  1. Well explained post..I’m also an over thinker🙇‍♀️

    1. Hifi to you then. Also, sharing your opinions and thoughts with your really close ones helps to get that ‘overthinking’ outta the head.

      1. are right👍🏻

      2. Yuppp…right and luckily i have my sister to share everything✋🏻

        1. Complete blessing, that’s very great that you share w your sister. Truly amazingg!

  2. Such a great post. The over thinking mind and assuming things that has never happened.

    1. Thanks Shantanu Sir again. I’m an over-thinker so I know how bad it can go when not shared with my really close ones.

      1. It is such a beautiful post

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