Sense of belonging: Three ways to achieve it.

Previously on The Soul Talks, I had mentioned my views on fear of failure on how difficult yet important it is to get that fear of failure out and also had mentioned valid examples to justify my concepts. In case you’ve missed the article, here’s the link:

Today the emotion that I’m gonna be talking about is ‘the sense of belonging.’

Sense of belonging:

Having a sense of belonging is a common experience. Belonging means acceptance as a member or part. Such a simple word for huge concept. Feeling that you belong is most important in seeing value in life and in coping with intensely painful emotions. Some find belonging in a church, some with friends, some with family, and some on Twitter or other social media. Some see themselves as connected only to one or two people. Others believe and feel a connection to all people the world over, to humanity. Some struggle to find a sense of belonging and their loneliness is physically painful for them.

Some seek belonging through excluding others. That reflects the idea that there must be those who don’t belong in order for there to be those who do. Yet a single instance of being excluded can undermine self-control and well-being and often creates pain and conflict.

A sense of belonging to a greater community improves your motivation, health, and happiness.  When you see your connection to others, you know that all people struggle and have difficult times. You are not alone. There is comfort in that knowledge.

The three steps to get that sense of belonging that I use are as follows:

Be Curious.

What happens is you know when you’re eager to know what’s gonna happen, automatically you create the curiosity for the subject and also a belonging at the same time cus then you try to figure out how and what is going to happen.


Another way to build your own sense of belonging is to work on acceptance of others. To accept others and views that are not the same as yours may require that you open your thoughts to the idea that there is value in everyone’s thinking.  You can find truth in even the most difficult-to-understand even though you may not agree.  One of the best ways to communicate acceptance is through validation. Validation builds a sense of belonging and strengthens relationships. Validation is the language of acceptance. It is the acknowledgment that someone’s internal experience is understandable and helps you stay on the same side, with a sense of belonging, even when you disagree.

Invest time in people:

A sense of belonging comes from a genuine effort in investing time in your people. People should feel they are genuinely heard, measured and coached. Our company spends quality time coaching people via training and regular one-on-one sessions with leadership and mentors. Everyone spends time providing constructive feedback to peers and managers on a quarterly basis.

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43 Replies to “Sense of belonging: Three ways to achieve it.”

  1. A lovely read. I agree with your thoughts. I think being curious is an important trait for so many things in life.

    1. Curiosity brings a lot of things to the table which are positive.

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          2. It was down due to maintenance and now its back live.

          3. Apologies for inconvenience!!

          4. Please don’t apologize 😊🌸

  2. I’ve been a firm believer in something I heard a while ago, ‘people want to be seen, heard and loved. They want to know if they’re being heard, do you hear me and do you see me?’ Validation. Ugh. I sometimes think we can achieve that on our own and then something happens where I feel a bit needy. Great post!

    1. Ahh so true. I mean attention is what everyone is requiring these days and then when you don;t give due attention to someone then it becomes a problem and and if you overdo it then again it becomes a problem…… life!!

      1. Haha, too much is needed TOO much but then too little becomes a problem 😬🙊 Is there a #life?! Haha

        1. Life is watching Kanye speak motivation😂

          1. Everyone is entitled to feel inspired 🤷🏽‍♀️😆

          2. I love Kanye and people I come across hate him….I’m like he’s being himself and he is expressive in doing so.

          3. There are just vocal people that are willing to say out loud what others won’t. People get intimated by that sometimes.

          4. Correct…absolutely love what you say!

          5. Piyush, I’ve nominated you for ‘The Awesome Impact Award! Enjoy.



  3. It’s a need to belongs and be accepted. For humans are social creatures. It’s a psychological part of being human. Humans needs validation to grow and thrive. But unfortunately so many do not receive it. It’s very important in the formative years of life and lack of it can create psychological issues in later life. But once one reach maturity the validation of one’s worth and acceptance must start to come from one’s self or one will spend their life being consumed with the opinions of others.

    1. So true. I mean if not at the proper time then it becomes really tough to cover up later and at times it becomes really late and then the effects of it are really worse.

  4. Wow, this hit home for me in a lot of way. Because we all deal with the sense of just belonging. Nice blog post, will be reading more of your work.

    1. That’s very kind of you to say!☺️

  5. I love how you go about very simply, and yet very accurate;y with this thought process. Also I agree with you that being curious at all times does help us in a lot of ways.

    1. Thank you Moushmi for reading and yeah I do believe that being curious helps.

  6. I dont think u need more praise from me, but u know what i mean, its really good

    Belonging : such a simple word for huge concept. 
    The soul talks 10 : such a simple blog for huge concept .

    1. Thank you Akshaya for your inspiring words.

  7. Sometimes it’s hard to achieve a sense of belonging but your post is definitely very helpful at acheieving it.

    1. What happens is we try to be like him or be like her and lose our identity in doing so cus I have lost myself a lot of times adapting to how people behave and treating them the way they want. So I feel I had somewhere lost the sense of belonging and took a lot of effort to gain it back.

      1. Yes that’s so true. I also have been there now I focuses more on myself. I’m not self centered but we are what we are right. But still I try and adapt to others likings whenever they want maybe that’s also who I am, still I try to not lose me in the process while I’m doing so.

        1. That’s really very great of you and I’m glad you could understand that sense of belonging is not being self-centered. I need to learn thenn…haha…

          1. *laughing emojis* cus I can’t do with keyboard.

          2. Oh then I sure do have the upper hand with my mobile 😁

          3. For sure….I mean my phone is onto charge…haha

          4. I might as well do that my battery is dieing 😅

          5. Wohooo I have an upperhand then…haha…hop onto your laptop then…

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