Relationships being Replaced: Look For These Signs.

relationships being replaced

Previously on The Soul Talks, I had cleared the air between being emotional and being practical. In case, you haven’t gone across and wish to do so, here’s the article.

Today the aspect I’ll be sharing my views is ‘being replaced in life’ and how to identify whether you’re replaced from someone’s life.

When the shoulder you always had your head on is no longer available then it ruins you, it tears you apart, it disbelieves your belief, you no longer feel your self worth and it is more agonizing than rejection. You no longer cultivate that trust again and on top of that you become very picky and you always doubt and always have that second thought even if someone is really being nice to you.

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relationships being replaced

This is how bad it can get but why do you want to make it reach so far. If you feel that you’re starting to be replaced, look for these signs.

Less Constructive More Hidden.

Being in any form of healthy relationship, you talk about family, you talk about friends, careers, future, you give advice and listen to advice but in turn if you’re getting also those talks which end up in a statement or two then there’s something really wrong there. You’ll understand more by the following chats.

relationships being replaced

  relationships being replaced

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No More of Crap Gossips.

Crap gossips might sound wayward but trust me, that’s the best thing to do. Sitting with your partner or anyone very close and talking utter nonsense and enjoying, that’s probably the best time. With relationships tearing apart, this is the first sign to notice.

relationships being replaced

Hifi’s turn to Low Lows.

As a matter of fact, to justify this point, when you stay together and bond together you enjoy together. Relishing the moments would soon turn into barely talking. Truly speaking you could smell the watered fire.

Final thought:

Being replaced by someone you care for is very difficult to gulp, but losing you in the process is more tough. And on top of that that’s even worse than being replaced. Don’t change or adapt to someone else’s standards, you were liked for Being You and not for someone who adapts. As a matter of fact, don’t second-guess your worth and whatever happens, happens for a reason. If ever you feel like you need to change yourself, do it for you and not for anyone. As much as it’s hard to think about the future and move on, you have to. Life is not meant to be spent living backwards.

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44 Replies to “Relationships being Replaced: Look For These Signs.”

  1. This has happened to me a number of times and I think it’s always for the best.

    1. That’s a very positive attitude that you got. Keep it going!👍

  2. I agree with you, losing someone is very difficult but what’s more tough is losing yourself in all of this. We all make such mistakes, but whats more important is to learn form this and then realise how to keep your self respect and your heart from being hurt again and again.

    1. Absolutely true Moushmi! Losing self in the process of losing others is quite disturbing and it becomes even more depressing to gain oneself back…
      Thank you for your kind support.

    2. I agree. It’s more of losing yourself in the process. Suddenly you don’t even who you are, what do you like for the very crux upon which you had built your life is gone.

      1. True that! Those who are lost cannot come back but if you’re lost then there’s nothing more damaging than that..if one understands that maybe they were meant to be in our lives and does enough to keep them back then he/she is at no fault and should lead their life the way they did.

          1. That’s very kind of you to say Parikhit!

  3. A very nice read. I think when someone dear to you leaves, the heart and mind are never in sync. Acceptability of the situation is hard and in extreme conditions one loses its balance. I loved the way you articulated it and then gave remediation.

    1. Absolutely Sir! The acceptance level comes to zero and mind’s following some direction which heart completely disagrees to which creates even more tension which then is seen via the outcomes of health issues.
      Thank you so much for dropping by!

      1. My pleasure always reading your work

  4. Absolutely agree ‘life is not meant to be spent living backward’.. It is so difficult to accept it but losing self is not an option letting go and moving forward is the only way to find peace.

    1. As I’ve mentioned in my previous articles as well that how important is letting go someone those who are not meant to be and so will continue to do. I firm believer that you cannot lose yourself in the process of gaining others. There is no weightage in actually doing that. You completely make a fool of yourself if you dance to someone else’s tunes. If you want to change yourself, do it for good and do it for you and not for anyone who doesn’t mean to stay in your life.

      1. Exactly Piyush!! 😊

        1. Thank you so much for commenting😊

          1. My absolute pleasure 😊

  5. Stumbled upon your blog! Great write up Piyush!

    1. Thank you for doing so Uroosa. Do subscribe for more and stay connected. Have a wonderful day!

  6. As always a spectacular topicvv chosen . Well explained points to recognize the troubled waters . You are doing an excellent job here Piyush. How about how tobe an overcomer of fear as your next topic .

    1. Thank you Anamika for actuallying listening and suggesting a topic. I’ll surely work on that as my next blog.
      Also many thanks for you dear support always🖐🏻 Have a good day!

      1. Always Piyush…always. looking forward to ur new post. Have a nice day Piyush.

        1. It was a good day Anamika jii and how was yours?

          1. A superb day, i must say…thank you.☺. So glad to hear you had a good day too.

          2. That’s very pleasing to hear’s life and how’s eve thing going?

          3. Piyush, sometimes I feel life is like a rollercoaster ride..sometime you are on the top….and the same wheel brings you down. At this juncture when you are asking me this i shld say, I am definetly not in the down, i think i am on my way up …it’s a good place or situation of life I am in.
            Now tell me where are you in this ride, right now.

          4. I wish you ride stable which is very important cus highs if they are constant is good and lows being constant is not good. At this point of time, I am at good going some lows and some highs which are part of life and yk Anamika it really feels good to get out of the lows cus its a struggle and once you’re out of the struggle it feels damn good about yourself.

          5. You absolutely said it. Totally you have got the answer. May the Good Lord keep you constantly out of the lows.

          6. You’ve been very kind Anamika! I wish you the same 😊

          7. Have a terrific Tuesday .

          8. Aapko bhi janab👍🏻🤟🏻

  7. I love the way you put this article together its honestly all true been through this and it was very relatable love the way you express a topic and explain it and provide an optimistic outlook on the issue. Keep slaying looking forward to reading more articles👏. For a topic to write about maybe try writing about how guys start liking a girl and what the signs are because i think its quite hard for a girl sometimes to think about what goes on in a guy’s head in the process.

    1. Firstly Thank you Akansha for commenting…it really feels very good when someone can relate with the article. Thank you for the way you commented and also I’ll definitely try writing on that topic as well. Need a lot of observation to do and will come up in a few days. 😊😊 Have a great day!!

  8. This is a very relatable article and specially the way you concluded it with the clarity of being oneself and not masking ourselves under pretence…a very well penned post indeed👍🏻

    1. Thank you so much that you got what I meant there and took the positives. It is very important to be what you are and not be what others want you to be. Have a great day!!

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  10. Excellent article put forward Piyush.. We often loose ourselves when we go through struggle. No matter what we do its never the same like before.. But it is also true that time will not be same… When there is sunset, there will be rise too.. Appreciate your work Piyush..

    1. Absolutely. What’s difficult is the acceptance and that’s what we’re lacking. We lack the power of acceptance that yes this can happen w me. If we built it then surely you can conquer anything.

      1. Rightly said.. Acceptance is what we need to move forward..

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