Psychology of Love: An Eternal Feeling.

Psychology of love?


Love- an independent, unarguable, unquestionable, probably one of the greatest emotion of mankind and God.

Everyone at some point of life experiences love and love has various types. Love could be towards a person, animal, thing, towards one’s nature, personality, etc. Love does not require roots but it requires feelings.

Now, Romantic love is probably one of the most found love all over the world but today I would like to talk about Psychology of love.

What is the Psychology of Love?

According to licensed psychologist Dr. Rachel Needle, specific chemical substances such as oxytocin, phenethylamine, and dopamine, have been found to play a role in human experiences and behaviours that are associated with love. They function similar to amphetamine, making us alert, excited, and wanting to bond.

This was science and is fairly truly as we might notice but this stuff happens and happens to almost everyone one of us.

Understanding the concept:

According to me, Love is an intertwined feeling and it has twists and turns written all over it. Falling in love is not easy and these days Lust is mistaken as love.


Lust is the physical attraction towards someone which normally occurs at colleges or office or while walking down the street and that is normal. But, we cannot consider that love as Love is something eternal and very pure.

Coming back to psychology of love, “Get rid of the myth that these things should just happen spontaneously and that there is something wrong with the relationship because you are not all over each other every minute, as when you began the relationship,” Needle says. “The truth is that you have to put in time and energy and make a conscious effort to sustain the relationship and the passion.”

Everyone of us has or will love someone at some point in life but the way you love is important. Healthy Relationships are only those where there is communication from both the ends, there is trust, concern and all that things we know.

Love is not business that you might achieve by studying the patterns, it comes from within.


To study the psychology of love, we need to study the person as everyone is different and everyone has different things to do remain happy.

As for me, this is what truly means the psychology of love. Understanding your partners emotions. If you can know the person in and out then the psychology of love truly agrees as science agrees that emotions are very impactful and if you can know his/her emotions then truly you can understand the psychology.

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3 Replies to “Psychology of Love: An Eternal Feeling.”

  1. You have explained ‘love’ in a very extraordinary manner! I agree with your view point on this feeling. 😊

    1. Thank you Kajal! I’m glad you liked it!🤗🤗

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