Overthinking: Three Ways to Calm your thoughts.


Previously on The Soul Talks, I had mentioned on Jealousy, exactly what Jealousy is, how can one control it and also mentioned ways through which you can get over Jealousy. In case, you’ve missed the article, here’s the link: http://thesoultalks10.com/jealousy-three-easy-ways-to-get-over-jealousy/

Today, on request from my fellow blogger Aalap Mulik from www.travellingalongwoods.com I am mentioning my views on overthinking and also ways to overcome overthinking.

Now, what Overthinking is?

Overthinking is like swimming in an ocean. Its really very difficult to find a corner (conclusion) and also there are a lot of fishes (thoughts) revolving around YOU (brain) and after a point you drown as you can’t swim longer cus you can’t find a corner (there’s no solidity/reliability on those thoughts).


Overthinking is a natural phenomenon and one can hardly stop it.

Those gushing of thoughts might take you down.

What is the root cause to overthinking?

According to me, there is no root cause as such and there are only previous incidents or future expectations on which your brain does vigorous and vicious thinking which generates perceptions from various angles and then your brain tries to justify and satisfy your soul from each angle. This is how overthinking comes into picture as far as I’m concerned.

The Ways through which I control my overthinking:

Let me put it straight that I’m an overthinker myself so the ways that I’m mentioning, I apply all in real life and they might sound stupid for some people but they’re really effective.

Double A’s to stop Overthinking: Analysis and Acceptance.

Analysis is just not a business term. If you think about “Why did my friend lied to me yesterday? Why did she end-up being trouble?” then we’re on the same page. It’s good to think about it but once those thoughts start to build their house into your head then it becomes a problem.

What you do is start accepting the fact that maybe he was not right for me or she didn’t deserve me. END OF STORY. For this, your power of acceptance should be good enough. If you’re not a good acceptor and you resist things then you definitely need to read this:  http://thesoultalks10.com/power-of-acceptance-ways-to-increase-the-acceptance-level/

It will surely help.

Mad Music:


Music works prolly the best as there is a complete shift in the direction what you’re thinking. Music drives your mind from roads with potholes to elegant highways. What happens is once you start listening to music then those bunch of thoughts you have slowly go down and then you tend to forget cus now there’s chirping music gushing through the ears to your brain.

Belief in God:

In Romans Chapter 12 A Living Sacrifice Verse 2:

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”


Whatever he does to me, what is gonna happen with me, will all be under his shadows and he is the creator of my soul and thus he shall decide what’s good for me and what’s bad for me.

This belief that God is Good in the Midst of darkness will take you way ahead in life and also will let you conquer your thoughts and attain peace.

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15 Replies to “Overthinking: Three Ways to Calm your thoughts.”

  1. Over thinking can do us harm us. I’m an obsessive thinker and it’s very hard. I don’t normally obsessively think about other people but mostly on everything else. Sometimes I get lost like really lost and I definitely do get to a point where I need to calm myself. This post was very helpful and amazing too.

    1. Definitely….once you vigorously think about that stuff then you get lost into it and that’s really harmful cus then there’s a lot of ‘if’s and buts’ going into your head which causes a lot of trouble… I am glad I could help you 🙂

  2. And the Bible verse was perfect

    1. Thank you again for mentioning details. Its a pleasure to have readers like you 🙂

  3. Overthinking is something which has never left my back even today,i have tried many ways to overcome it but nothing worked. Thankyou for picking up my comment and presenting your thoughts on it. I will follow the three ways definitely,also my peers would love to read them who are going through the same issue. Keep motivating,keep inspiring. god bless!

    1. Its a pleasure to help and I hope the steps work for you and slowly and steadily you get over it. ❤️

  4. Interesting, we posted both on overthinking. Loved what you said

    1. Great minds think alike, isn’t it? haha

  5. I like the analogy of swimming in Ocean.

  6. So true about overthinking!

    1. Thank you for dropping by Christy.

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