Nervousness: Easy Ways to Overcome the butterflies in your stomach


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Today, I am going to talk about nervousness and also list down few methods to overcome nervousness.


Now, Nervousness is a natural phenomenon and everyone experiences it. Nervousness is good to some extent and one should have it as it cuts down the over-confidence concept and brings stability. But, nervousness is good to some extent only and when that nervousness increases, your confidence shoots down radically.

You might feel nervous before the meeting, before presentation, before talking to somebody, or in a relation or anything for that matter. Researchers term nervousness as ‘powerless language’ and the destructor of morale.

Even I get nervous before giving my presentation or before something important but then to have control over that feeling, I try a few methods. Well, following are methods that I personally use to overcome nervousness or to get that bad butterflies outta my stomach.

Choosing Courage Over Confidence:

Now, it’s better to be courageous than to be confident. Building confidence at a particular moment can be a lot tricky. What I personally do, I say to myself that ‘Yes, I am a little afraid. Yes, I’m nervous but I’m doing it anyway!’ This is a proactive step. In choosing courage, you can lead to a positive psycho-physiological response and can lead to better results.

Breathing my way outta it:

People say a lot to take deep-breaths in but they forget to tell you to breath-out effectively too. I mean 1-2 breath-in and 3-4-5 breath-out too!!!!!!

In addition to the positive physiological impact, having to focus on the uneven counting gives your brain a direct-experience moment: a break from the forward-thinking narrative where we spend most of our mental energy (which is largely what induces nerves — thinking ahead about what may or may not happen). Your brain may be yelling, “I’m nervous!” but soon your body will calmly respond, “I’m fine.”

The next method might be a bit tricky but it does turn out effective always,

Recognizing Nervousness as a Sign of something good:

Nervousness comes with new opportunities and challenges. Usually this happens to us that if we push our boundaries then we get that awful feeling which is nervousness. People that live inside their comfort zone and continue to do the same work continuously, do not feel that nervousness as they’re not pushing themselves further.

Now, a good thing from here that hence forth in life if you feel nervous about anything then consider it as you’re pushing yourself ahead and taking new challenges or either pushing your career forward.


Final thought on Nervousness:

If you’re getting that dodgy feeling or experiencing the adrenaline rush inside you then let it happen cus it’s the sign that you are developing as a person and getting to explore new boundaries and take up new adventures. In the quest of doing so, you will notice you will be more courageous than confident.


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  1. Nervousness is the major problem faced by me, this article helped me alot

    1. Its always a pleasure😁

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