Mental Health: Ways to cure Mental Health

mental health

The most neglected aspect of mankind and the most crucial one which is the cause for major changes into our system. Yes, I’m talking about Mental Health.

I’ve already mentioned my views on emotional health but I feel it has to be expressed more. In case, you’ve missed the article on emotional health here’s the link:

The recent tragic event, the death of Zombie Boy ‘Rick Genest’ where he took his own life and the reason coming out is mental health is really very depressing to read cus a lot of people are not focusing onto this aspect. Mental Health is just not a term, it’s a bold statement which you have to take into consideration.

Flexing your muscles, reducing body fat, eating low cal food, shredding your body is not complete fitness. Fitness comes from mind and if your mind is not stable then friend you’re not fit, you’re unfit.

mental health

Also, to mention Avicii’s dead cause, he took his own life too and the reason was “he struggled with thoughts about meaning, life, happiness”

Guys, it’s really important to stabilize your mental health cus then you’re actually living life. Life is not all about socialising, It is not all about Making money. Life is about Living moments joyfully and for that you require your mind to think straight.

Mental Health can be stabilized with following three factors

Believing in yourself:

mental health

It’s a short term ‘believing in yourself’ but the impact it has is mammoth.

Once your start having faith in what you do then eventually you’ll increase your stability level cus then you know what you’re doing. Avicii didn’t stop touring even after getting his appendix removed cus he had faith in himself and faith in touring. ‘Believe’ is a big word and mental health is a ‘belief’ too.

The second factor is straightly associated with the first one.

Finding ways of happiness:

mental health

Once you start believing in yourself, you know what factor brings smile onto your face. For example: ‘R&B or rap is good for you then you’ll find that you get charged up or relaxed or ease out to Cardi B’s music or to Beyoncé or Nicki Minaj or anyone for that matter.’

Happiness does not have a formula. It is different for everyone. You might find happiness chilling with pals while one might find it in walking alone across the beach. Start identifying factors which brings smiles and stabilises your mental health.

Mental Health can be controlled with Great Execution.

mental health

Now, once you start believing in yourself, you find ways of happiness then comes the execution part. Start executing it cus if you cannot do it for yourself then whom will you do it for? If Rick Genest found ways to remain happy and control his mental health then he wouldn’t be dead.

Do it for yourself guys. If you cannot give time for yourself then what’s the point in making money? Whom are you earning for?

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15 Replies to “Mental Health: Ways to cure Mental Health”

  1. This was very helpful. Mental health is very important but we usually don’t give it much importance.

    1. Absolutely true. Rarely people talk about mental health which is so pivotal.

  2. Thank you for the awareness.

      1. I am not able to see your site anymore

        1. I am sorry for that. Actually, the site went under maintenance and now it is all backed up.

          1. Oh no worries. see u soon

          2. Thanks for understanding😊

  3. Such tragedies… But finding happiness is not as easy as it sounds when one has depression… I appreciate your focus here on mental health. I found you on Instragram and followed you; I am @whenwomeninspire over there.

    1. Thank you for your valuable input. Finding happiness is tough but then if you cannot help yourself then who will?

  4. It is a very informative post Piyush☺

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