Life sucks: Do think again before saying it.

life sucks

Previously on The Soul Talks, I had mentioned my views on Why should a person start speaking his troubles to someone and also had mentioned that how effective sharing your thoughts can be. In case, you’ve missed the article, here’s the link:

Today the aspect that I’ll be talking about is ‘Does life really suck?’ So, lets begin:

Life sucks

life sucks

Usually, we say it all or find people saying life sucks man…or there’s no intent in life or we tend to hope that life gives answers to all our questions. Do you think that is that really gonna happen? Do you think you’ll be happy after getting answers to all your questions? Let me tell you that

Life would invariably be very dull if you had answers to all your questions.

There’s something called as curiosity and there’s something called as courtesy. If you have the curiosity to know the answers then I bet that you’ll find more and more intent to life and then there would no ‘Life sucks!’

What is happening today is we all want fast lane stuff or want to drive life in an open highway where there’s no twists and turns. What will happen you know that after a point you will want life to be in an auto-pilot mode just like how Tesla is doing with its cars. Auto-pilot mode is good to go only when you don’t have purpose. Are you sure that your life doesn’t have Purpose?

life sucks

This isn’t life in the fast lane, its life in the oncoming traffic

Also, one thing that you might find that at times life’s dark or it may be unpleasant as some moments might not go according to your favour; some days might not end according to your thoughts and some wishes might not come exactly the way you wanted. You might then tend to go lowkey or be upset but you know if you tend to have that ‘Life is not black and white. Sometimes the ends just satisfy the means then I’m pretty damn sure that with that positive mindset you will not only take down days but you will cultivate bright seasons for you.

Continuing that positive mindset topic, you know usually life throws lemons at us and we might not catch them or they might fall or we might injure ourselves in the process. But instead of thinking that I cannot catch lemons why not take this fact into consideration that if life throw’s lemons at me, I’ll make the best lemonade. A slight shift in the attitude can completely change the course of your life.

Finally, to end with

Very occasionally if you pay really close attention life doesn’t suck.

life sucks

So, I hope you had a good time reading this article and I assume that your life will not suck anymore and do share this article to those who think that their life sucks.

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  1. Hey Piyush, hope you are doing good! I have nominated you for the Bloggers Recognition Award! please check it out Thank you 🙂

    1. Sure, thank you!🤙🏻

      1. My absolute pleasure!! Your positive and meaningful writing totally deserve it! 😊

        1. I’m honoured by your nomination Kranti <3

    1. Thank you Meera!🤗🤗

  2. A change in the attitude can change a lot of things. I love the post

    1. Well said there, thank you for dropping by👍🏻

  3. Love this one !
    Life without any difficulties ,confusions & failures would be the most boring life.😅

    1. I agree with you. Thank you for stopping by! <3

  4. Hey Piyush!! Sorry I missed this artical.. you know.. college and stuff. 😑
    But yeah I’ve just read it.. and it a wonderful topic to bring to the table!! Actually soo many people are unsatisfied with their lives just because ONE wrong thing happened.. by forgetting all the positive and good things which God gave..
    I really loved this post.. cuz this is something that I sometimes say when I.. for example get in the bus and all of the seats are taken (as usual) I’m like :”Oh shit!! life really sucks”
    Haha you know.. this is kind of off topic but you got the picture!? 😉
    Your post totally reminds us to look to the full side of the glass of water instead of the empty one… thank you for sharing ❤

    1. Omg…Ella even I travel by bus to college and when all the seats are taken…beep beep (life sucks) heheh…. but you know as you rightly mentioned that one should look at the positive side and keep the negatives at bay.
      I really appreciate the intent that you put to read and then comment. <3 Thank you! <3

  5. Agree completely.. wonderful post👍🌹

    1. Thank you for your wonderful thoughts <3

  6. Well said. Living in the moment and making the best of the situation what makes a beautiful life

    1. Just like you do I feel. Travelled to London with your fam…enjoyed…came to India…enjoyed…Living Life Joyously.

      1. Smiles my friend. Thanks for your lovely words

        1. Its a pleasure to have your views 🙂

  7. Im so so so so proud of you Favourite… youre really doing a great job
    Keep up the good work ❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Thank you favv <3 Pleasure!! <3

  8. Extraordinary post !!
    I appreciate your efforts
    & You are Keen observer
    Sooo trueeee…..”What is happening today is we all want fast lane stuff or want to drive life in an open highway where there’s no twists and turns. ”

    1. Its a Pleasure Akshaya! It was long time since you visited here….feels good Thank you again <3 <3

  9. I am absolutely sorry for missing this post. This is one of your best Piyush! You are brimming with positive attitude towards life. A lemonade from the lemons thrown at you are the best and sweetest lemonade ever. Haha…😁. BTW, listen to Lemon tree by Fool’s Garden . It’s a lovely song, a little old perhaps, but i immensely enjoy their lyrics and the tune. Hope u will like it too. Sorry yaar, dher se aane ke liye hazaar bhar maaf…

    1. I’m turning, turning, turning, turning, turning, around and all that I can see is just another Lemon treee…heheheeeee….

      Don’t be formal Anamikaa and don’t say sorryy…aap aaye aur aapne comment kara wahi bhott zyaada badi baat hain…shurkiya ji!!!

      1. Arre wah! Aapne tho poora ghana hi bej diya……haha….mein tho hass padi aapki reply ke shuru mein hii😁. U r sweet Piyush and very nice too to let go of my mistake so easily. It was my pleasure friend as always to visit ur blog and to read ur post.

        1. Anamika ji aapka bada shukriya aapke uprising words ke liye……ek acchi vibe aati hain hamesha aapke comments ke liyee…shukriya vaapis <3

  10. Aap se na, ek complaint hen muje. Shukriya bahut bolte ho aap, zera kam shukriya bola karenge tho mehrubaani hogi janab. Aur ye achi vibe isliye aathe hein kyunki aap bahuth saaf aur ache dil se comment padthe hon isliye.

    1. Chalo hum dhyaan rakhenge ki aage se thoda kam thank you kahenge….. aur acchi vibe aapse isliye aati hain kyuki aap ek bahot acche insaan hoon…

      1. Haha…. baraf thoda zyada nahi ho raha hein, ek tho winter is starting and yeh compliments ka baraf ek doosre par, tand lag jayegi bai… aur shukriya aapnne maana thank you ko thoda kam karne ko…..

        1. Bahar toh ussi ke jevan mein aati hain jo uske kaabil hoo….ab aap bade samajdarr hoo toh mujhe is cheez ko zyaada samjane ki jarurat nai….yk why you get those compliments from my end!!

          1. You are kind Piyush. Thank you. I am overwhelmed!!!

          2. Actually pehle thodi sorry lelo kyuki lecture mein tha aur ma’am ne kaha ki laptops should go on sleep isliye reply nai kar paya….

          3. Ab sorry kis baath ki? Lecture hi pehle important hein be it ur Mam’s ya ur Mom’s ya phir ur GF’s. Haha….😁 And ur mam was absolutely right to ask u to put the laptop to sleep..but i hope ki that her lecture didn’t put u to sleep ..😁

          4. hahah…you’re so funny….her lecture was anyways sleepy but I tried to concentrate…hehe

          5. Not bad yaar, u tried yehi badi baath hein….u scored good in that .

  11. Wonderful post Piyush.. yes Life is what we want to be.. its we who keep telling life sucks instead living it..

    1. Absolutely true friend! Caught very properly!

  12. You write really well, piyush

    1. Thank you Meenakshi. I’m glad you liked it 🙂

  13. When life is nt favour with us, we think it is suck bt actually life is nt suck…wonderful post Mr. PC

    1. True there…our thoughts get directed on the basis of the events that have occured with us.
      Also, I liked Mr. PC thank you for calling me that.

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