How to Overcome Fear in the Most Effective Way!

Fear scares you down and then what you do is try running away from it.

If you’re not ready to face your fear then do not scroll down. Now, that you’re scrolling down, I’m sure you’re ready to face it, that’s a good step ahead.

Overcoming your fear is a challenge that you have to take and as I’m always ready to help, here’s 6 Ways on How to Overcome fear. They’ll put the fear out of you definitely.

Don’t Try to be Perfect

how to overcome fear

You don’t have to be perfect. Bad days and stress are a part of life that we all live with. Do not imagine the perfect life because it’s not rational to think so. The small steps or the struggles to reach to your desired point makes your life happening. A perfect life is dull!

We fear as we want to be perfect, you don’t have to be perfect, you’re way too good in what you’re doing. You do not have to fear then!

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Be a Visualiser and Not a Dreamer

how to overcome fear

Visualise your success. You’ve got it! You do not have to be dreamer who just sits there and dreams of cracking big. A Visualiser is the One who visualises it and works for it. So, now you know that it’s within your arc and there’s no need to fear.

By Visualising yourself performing with determination and dedication in an area where you’re fearful, your visual image will eventually be accepted by your subconscious mind and then it’ll get the fear out.

The way you see yourself and think about yourself is eventually altered by feeding your mind these positive mental pictures of you making it to the end.

Move Towards Your Fear

how to overcome fear

When you fear and run away from it, it chases you more. What it does is dominates your thinking and preoccupies you during the day and makes you stay awake the whole night!

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When in-turn when you move towards your fear, identify it, it grows smaller and smaller. When it grows smaller, it’s manageable and your confidence grows high! Soon, the fear loses their control over you!

Remember this, the more you chase your fear, the more it runs away from you!

Fear the Worst.

how to overcome fear

When you visualise the worst, what’s the worst gonna happen, it eventually makes you stronger to not let it happen. You then try to gain control over the situation, and work on it!

This is how reverse psychological works. Your mind then works in the direction to attack it and as I said it before too, it lessens your fear.

Work, Crouch and Attack: Again!

how to overcome fear

If a tiger misses his prey that doesn’t mean he won’t attack again! He then works harder for his next attack!

Similarly, when you’re bogged down because of something and you fear doing it the next time then practice on it. You’re definitely going to make it happen! Crouch: rectify what when wrong and attack again like you’ve never done before. This will take out your fear and set in a great rush of adrenaline and confidence and will make you fight whatever comes in your away!

Look Forward to Those who’ve Already Conquered it!

how to overcome fear

When you know that there’s someone who’s already done it and conquered it and lives it, it’s a very good feeling to look onto to those people and motivate yourself to keep going!

Failure Brings a lot of Positivity! I’m not Kidding! Find it out Yourself!

When you know you’re not alone in this, it’s a very positive feeling!

There are people who’ve feared fear and now conquers fear and I want you to look onto to such kind of people as it makes you chase your fear and crash it! They are usually around you, you just need to find them!

These tips will definitely help you get out of your fear and absolutely live the way you want!

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  2. Exactly, very inspiring, i’m always fighting hard to feel better💙

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