Happiness: There’s more to the story.

Happiness: The second edition to the story.

So, if you have read my blog on happiness: the greatest emotion or a myth, you might know that in that article I had mentioned what Happiness is not and what exactly happiness is. I know many of y’all might not have read the article so if you want to read it as this article is the continuation of that article, please read Happiness: The Greatest Emotion or A Hype. http://thesoultalks10.com/happiness-the-greatest-emotion-or-a-hype/

In this article, I’ll be mentioning about how to deal with happiness or how to attain it.

You know Happiness is the only emotion which works one-sided the best. I mean if you’re angry and if the opposite person is angry him/her-self then the anger increases and it does not work well and the same could be experienced with contempt or with disgust or with sadness. You know, the opposite person should be of the opposite mood to make things easy for you, the recent Nicki Minaj or the Cardi B brawl where Nicki stamped her heel on Cardi’s forehead got a terrible backlash from their fans. I mean both were angry or frustrated whatever that might be and the outcome was terrible. Such is not the case in happiness. If I’m happy and the opposite person is not then I can make things work. I mean a happy person can literally change the mood of the whole team, his partner or anyone for that matter.

So, my question to all of you is, do you find Happiness Subjective? Comment down what you feel.

Moving forward I feel happiness is something which encompasses a feeling of desire, a feeling of trust, a feeling of love, a feeling of subtlety and a feeling of loyalty.

Happiness is Dreaming your desired life:

You know people say Dream big, Win Big! They don’t say without a reason. You can only achieve something big if you have the capacity to think about it. You know growing up as a teen, my biggest dream was to meet Sachin Tendulkar (the greatest cricketer to live on the planet: personal opinion) I just dreamed about it and didn’t expect to happen it in real life. But guess what, it just happened. 5-6 years of a dream, lived in a day! And even he said to me that “Do Dream, Dreams come true!”

It is about comfort and not something colossal

Imagine being an employee or a graduate and you desire to work at Apple and land up working in Amazon, would you be happy? I don’t think so! Both are huge companies but as said earlier its about comfort and not colossal. You will not quit the job working in Amazon but happiness or the job satisfaction level which they call it in the corporate world won’t be there as in the back of the mind you will keep your desire working at Apple.

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24 Replies to “Happiness: There’s more to the story.”

  1. As usual one of the finest post i have read on happiness. You put your heart and soul into everything u say here. Excellent Piyush. Keep it up.

    1. Thank you Anamika for your splendour support always😊 Yk I would request you to read ‘Mourning a death of a wonderful soul’ It was an effort remember we had a word on the poem thing? After that I published it.😅
      Thank you once again!

      1. U r welcome Piyush. I would sure do that, i knew u were upset, but didn’t knw this was the reason. Sorry for the delay in reading that post, have u posted it in Pencliff too?

        1. No No Anamika, I wasn’t upset but I was waiting cus I did know that you might be stuck in something important😅
          I haven’t posted it on Pencliff, its there on my blog!

          1. Oh ok. So i will read it in ur blog. Thanks for understanding Piyush.

          2. Alright! Take care!👍🏻

          3. Ok i will do it. Thanks for the understanding.

  2. Hey Piyush 🌸🌸
    Amazing post as always..
    Thank you for reminding us to dream big and seek for our dreams even if sometimes they seem hard to realise!!
    I guess that… the journey toward it and the belief of its realization is what totally makes us reach happiness… ♡♡

    1. Thank you Ella for understanding it properly and commenting!❤️ As the saying goes ‘Winning is not the point but wanting to win is the point’ so das what I mean there that ‘the passion which you have incurs happiness’ 👍🏻

  3. happiness in itself is a pure term but our varying causes make it subjective.

    1. That is what I was looking for! We have found different causes for that particular term. Thank you!👍🏻

      1. ‘Happy’ you liked it😊

  4. Insightful post.on happiness. There’s no reason required to make yourself happy. That’s the beauty of happiness.

    1. When you feel it, you experience it and live by it! Thank you for sharing your views!😊

  5. Excellent post Piyush!! It’s true happiness is directly related to our satisfaction!! 😊

    1. Thank you Kranti! You rightly said that happiness is directly proportuonal to satisfaction.👍🏻

  6. Lovely write up. Happiness so well articulated

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