Eminem an Illuminati: With Full Evidence. EXPOSED!

eminem illuminati

Meanwhile, I was surfing through YouTube and I saw this recommendation which had Eminem’s new song Venom. I clicked on it and started listening and once the video was done, I hit the repeat button and did it for two times. One thing that really struck me about the song was the lyric “Knock knock, let the devil in, malevolent.” That kinda is not strange for a lot of people as one might say that’s just another lyric but trust me that’s just not another lyric but it’s a secret message. What’s the secret message, lets begin guys:

Marshall Mathers aka Rap God Eminem has been continuously giving out secret messages in his videos and those messages are threatening. Those messages directly relate with the Illuminati world. Some of y’all might not know what’s Illuminati, wait I’ll explain.

What Illuminati is….. ?

Well, Illuminati is a mysterious group that conspiracy theorists believe is seeking a ‘New World Order’ that would impose a totalitarian world government. Among the alleged members of the secret society are not just politicians and religious leaders, but actors and pop stars.

The pray to Satan or Lucifer and they do not worship God. The most common Illuminati symbols are ‘hands making triangle shape’ or ‘all seeing eye’ or ‘hands making thorns on head’

Eminem an illuminati

So coming back to Eminem an illuminati, if y’all have heard his sound track ‘Not Afraid’ from his album “Recovery” in a lyric he confronts that Tupac is alive and living in a scared world. he sings “We’ll all forget, but Tupac’s scared and in Colombia from now on,” when his song is decoded backwards.

Lemme tell you that Tupac was dead in 1996 and he was an American rapper and actor and probably one of the best rappers of all time.

Decoding  3 A.M. : Eminem an Illuminati

Eminem’s song 3 A.M in that song he is locked up in an asylum and he claims that he was framed for all the murders. Once its 3 A.M. he doesn’t seem to be able to remember anything that he’s done or anything that he’s gone through and that’s a common theme that is repeating in the whole song and you know why? Because 3 A.M. is Satan’s hour when these possessions occur to be demonic possessions and these rituals occur, they do these all at 3 in the morning. It’s the demonic possession, the fact that these people literally become possessed that they get high off the blood of these victims, there’s some type of high that they get but I also feel that in their own minds they’re not guilty that their good deeds outweigh their bad deeds and cus of the fact that they’re under demonic possession some type of hypnosis but they’re showing everyone it. it at times become so unbelievable that how obvious this stuff is and how in out faces it is.

Venom: Eminem an Illuminati.

Eminem an illuminati

So, coming to venom, the lyric ´ Knock knock, let the devil in, malevolent.’ He literally is calling the devil and at 00:49 he literally puts the thorns on his head depicting devil and at 02:28 he says “Eat painkiller pills, fuck a blood track.” Guys as I said above, they get high off the blood of these victims. Also, throughout the whole song, the theme is people being injected via some mad adrenaline which makes them go crazy and there’s this demonic possession. These are all Illuminati signs guys and you know what the strangest part about the video that while writing this, not even once I had the access to the video. My Wifi was working properly, loading over videos, I was watching stand-up, getting emails but not able to watch ‘Venom’ This is how strange it is. Trust me guys this thing is damn scary.

Death in the 2000s

In 2000, a comparative story started flowing on the web about Eminem, asserting that the rapper was en route to a late-night party when he was executed in an auto accident. In spite of the fact that the story was false, it showed up on a few site pages masked as veritable news articles from CNN and MTV. Since that attempt at manslaughter deception, a few additional bits of gossip have spread about Eminem—including one that the rapper was supplanted by an Illuminati clone.

A posting, falsely attributed to CNN, began circulating among AOL users:

December 15, 2000
Web posted at 6:12 a.m. EST (0012 GMT)
Rapper “Eminem” Dies in Car Accident.
Multi-platinum artist Marshall Mathers, known by the stage name “Eminem”, was killed at 2:30AM EST while driving a rental car on his way to a late-night party.
Mathers, who authorities believe was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, was behind the wheel of a Saturn coupe that witnesses say swerved to avoid a slow moving vehicle, then lost control and slammed into a grove of trees.
The car was crumpled by the impact, making extraction of Mather’s body very difficult. He was declared dead on the scene by paramedics who arrived a short time later.
Authorities would not comment on details surrounding the accident other than to confirm the identity of the victim.
Mathers was 26

Despite the fact that no real news source republished the story, the talk of Eminem’s demise spread over the web. Some may have thought that it was persuading since the year prior to, the rapper had ventured out of the spotlight to enter a medication recovery program, and a few renditions of the gossip said that he had been driving impaired at the season of his lethal accident.

Denial posted on his Website.

Despite sick-minded ne’er do-well attempts to create a state of panic in this grand country by virtue of a well-crafted CNN.com fake news story prank, our beloved Slim Shady is alive and well. … Marshall is alive and at home with his family for the holidays in Detroit. And he wishes all of you shady holidays and a dirty new year.

Final thought:

I hope guys Marshall Mathers was clear to y’all. There’s so much more I want to mention in-order to expose to y’all what it is but then it’d be way too long. So, thank you guys for sticking around. Eminem an illuminati.

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  1. Ahaaaaaaa…. Slim shady is just nailing it wid Kamikaze . And it’s his month now , Oct 17 😍

    1. I liked the song but you know Nirant..the Illuminati concept just hits my head really bad and makes me go crazy at times. Other celebs have been an illuminati and even I want to write about them but I cannot. Thanks for commenting brother.

      1. Hahaha it hits bad & in venom
        Dis line
        “Knock knock, let the devil in” 😂 really hit hard

        1. That’s what I mentioned in the article!

          1. Yeah mate ✔️ 💯 after all
            Living legend🙌

          2. By selling his soul to Illuminati…..ummm I doubt. Conspiracy theories say that he’s already dead,,,,there’s a clone of Eminem.

          3. Well rumors rumors all around 😂, In mi childhood I heard that WWE superstar undertaker is also dead man & still he is playing matches . R u from Mumbai?????

          4. Wait..I’ll share an article with you https://www.mix1037fm.com/2018/04/24/did-eminem-die/
            If you read this article, even you might doubt the Eminem you listen to. And yeah, I am from Mumbai.

          5. Cool I’ve gone through this article before too & yeah it creates doubt ,but one of mi frnd who visited Boston for his concert ,he done some r&d on it & might looks all okay ,but never no wats the truth .

            Okay so lots of mumbaikars only have dis kind of doubts dawg , I’m from same city ✌️

          6. Its doubting someone based on pure evidence which is being provided. Well, I feel whatever it is…it will always remain a conspiracy.

          7. Conspiracy ..!!! Well we only have this to tell at the moment ✌️

          8. Correct Nirant! Thank you for stopping by!

          9. Pleasure always 😉 🎀

  2. I know what an illuminaltiii is and i know what Eminem is so I totally totally agree with you on this a 100, 200 percent. I hope people’s eyes open soon and they see these things for what they really are

    1. Ahaha… there you go! Strong and Bold. Thank you for mentioning your profound views.

  3. Wow. I love this looks like a chapter out of philosophy so well written

    1. Thank you Shantanu! Its a very interesting yet scary concept which needs proper sources or else you might get lost in it.

        1. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  4. That’s scary and interesting at the same time!!

    1. Thank you Kranti for your important views!🤙🏻

  5. Interesting.

    You stated — “Because 3 A.M. is Satan’s hour”

    Q — What is this time of day needed for by the enemy?

    If this is true doesn’t it mean that those forces wait for man to set the time since it’s subject to daylight savings.

    1. 3 AM is Satan’s hour due to the absence of prayers in the canonical hours during this period.

  6. People really need to see things for what they are!

    1. You always say correct things!!

  7. I wouldn’t say Eminem is a member of the illuminati, I don’t think they exist tbh. If anything he’s doing his usual and just talking shit. Venom was made for the venom movie so some lines are references to the character.

    1. I would like to disagree with you and tell you that Illuminati exists and this ain’t no fake thing. Also, lemme tell you that Eminem has always given out Illuminati signs and one basic example was his previous twitter display. In that he had put thorns on his head depicting Lucifer.

  8. Illuminati exist and it is a fact some refuses to accept . And you are right when you say many big wicks are either a part of it or support it. There is another band called Enigma who also is said to be using the tactics cl aimed by you in openly worshiping the satan. Your Post was quite strong and powerful but yet i feel it i is to be taken very seriously, so as to let the people knw the truth.

    1. Enigma band…sure I would love to study on it, thank you for sharing your valuable inputs and I agree with you that it should be taken seriously and people should know the truth.

      1. Yes, do research on them. There was a time when I was addicted to them, while driving, while lying down to sleep everytime i needed them, especially their track “Return to innocence”. These beats Are really addictive and mostly its beats and music and not much of lyrics. but the moment I heard it from quite close sources that it iz satanic worsip, i.discarded them like hot coals. Their albums are full of chants…do try learning more about them and may be it can be the matter of another post under Illuminati…yes it should be taken seriously and people shld knw the Truth. Glad you made a post of this topic …..Great job Piyush. May the Good Lord guard you and protect you in every step of your walk.

        1. Woahhhhhh Anamika….you damn have so much knowledge…You are like an institution in yourself and I am sure those chants call the satan or are called by the Satan.
          Now, you have ‘enlightened’ me with your sheer knowledge. Thank you for laying your thoughts here.

          1. Yes may be….but i tell you their music is kind of very addictive… so be careful when you research abt it.
            I try Piyush, that’s all….I for sure am not an institution, there are lot of things which just bounce over my head…..haha….and leave me open mouthed 😁. So i learn a little every day from people like you and others. I am a life long student in the journey called life.

          2. Accept karlo Anamika ji ki aap kaafi versatile individual hoo…. aur rahi baat journey of life ki toh wo toh sabko ki nibhani hain par aap jaise Professors na life ke lesson ko bada learning-oriented bana dete hain….

          3. Chalo maan lethe hein, yes I have an open mind to learn things and very observant about things around me…which in fact helps me many ways. Waise i don’t teach BBA. ..😁 I am very poor in business oriented things… but yes i can handle some life lessons….i suppose… haha….How was your day?

          4. Aap bas life lessons de do….wahi sabse top level hain way better than any BBA or MBA. Accha tha aajka din..aapse jo baat hui din toh accha ho he jaata hain…aur aapka?

          5. The day was good…after all tdy was ur praise showering day… haha. 😁

          6. Aapka mail ka wait kar raha tha..wo toh aaya nai… #sad hehehe… #drama

          7. Ya….i knw…i remember… give me sometime.

          8. Take your time eh! I was just saying and I don’t mean to force you. Agar aapko nai karna phir bhi thik hain as comfort matters for me the most and I don’t want you to be forced or anyone for that matter.

          9. Thanks for the understanding… .

  9. Yes I’ve always knew that Eminem was part of this secret society…As well as most of Hollywood celebrities such as Rihanna, Britney Spears…
    It’s scary sometimes right …when you think about it?
    That you really like these artists but they are actually satanists… It’s like : whyyyy?? I really liked you guys… haha 😅

    1. It makes you wonder that then why put that fake mask of being a god worshiper😶 Also, as Eminem has always been a supporter of ‘Black Lives Matter’ then is that hypocrisy?🤷🏻‍♂️ At one place you want that demonic possessions to make you high on someone’s blood and on the other hand you say ‘Lives Matter’
      The fandom really goes down then!!!

  10. Dammn right💯

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