Depression: Deadly Devastating Disease and ways to cure depression.

Previously on The Soul Talks, I had talked about nervousness and ways to conquer it. I also mentioned how nervousness occurs and how one can conquer nervousness and also tips and methods to overcome the butterflies in your stomach during an important phase. In case, you haven’t read it, here’s the link:

Today I feel, I need to mention about possibly the greatest spreading-emotion in the world which is depression.

Dramatic Depression

Depression is a traumatic state of mind where one loses his/her capacity to think ahead and always remains in that negative state of mind.

For most of us, depression can be caused by a lot of factors and the most common factors that prevails today where a major section of humanity is getting affected is by

  1. Relationship-issues and

  2. Family troubles


This is fairly the foremost reasons why a majority of the people are affected by this deadly disease called depression.

An average of 15 million people from the top populated countries across the globe are affected by this deadly disease. It causes anxiety, trauma, increase of appetite, decrease of appetite, and weight gain/loss according to the appetite.

Now, there has been a lot of theory which clearly states ways to get outta depression but I feel major of them are just for attracting the audience and only a few give out valuable inputs.

Talking about me, If I were to solve depression I’d say this 2 steps:

Your best-friend becomes your best doctor:

We all kinda know that what is it to have a best-friend. The reason we call them a ‘best-friend’ is because they know the in and out of us, how we feel, what we might say and what we like/dislike. So, when the person knows everything about you, either he/she can be your saviour or your destructor. To cure depression, bff’s are the ones to take the lead. A study shows that an average person shares 75% of his/her problems either to their pet-animals or to their bff’s. So, bff’s reading this, please help your mates if they are in depression.

Change the genre of music you listen during depression:

People are damn crazy when it comes to emotional songs during depression. They find it very relatable and which is true. But, this increases the sad feeling and then more and more depression. Note your emotion in the following lyric,

“Without you, I feel broke
Like I’m half of a whole
Without you, I’ve got no hand to hold
Without you, I feel torn
Like a sail in a storm.”

And now this,

“Life is worth living
So live another day
The meaning of forgiveness
People make mistakes, doesn’t mean you have to give in
Life is worth living again.”

There is so much transition between the two, where the first one provokes you to get a bottle of wine and chuck it all in and the latter one makes your heart feel light. I’m not saying to not to listen to this kinda songs but all I’m saying is that such songs provoke more depression cus you find them relatable and they definitely are relatable. Instead, if you want to listen to music either turn on the radio or try to avoid such songs.

Final thought:

Depression is hard and takes a lot of gut in you to get it out but trust me if you let it build inside you then it will chew you up and through you out just like a chewing gum. Depression will spoil your immune system just like a broken glass. So, it’s not too difficult to pull yourself up and get yourself out and try to remain happy just like the kids down below.


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