Three Really Seamless Ways to Get Over Insecurities

Three Really Seamless Ways to Get Over Insecurities

Previously on The Soul Talks, it was really very saddening to depict a son’s grief on losing his mother. It was really very tough for me to do but I sure gave my 100%. In case you’ve missed the poem, here’s the link:

Today, I’ll be speaking about insecurities. They find a way to build their mansion in our brain anytime, and anywhere.

Most of us feel insecure sometimes but some of us feel unsecured most of the times. Now, this varies on different aspects as on the childhood you had, your past traumatic events or incidents, loneliness, negative beliefs, very low on confidence, fear of failure, rejection, or perfectionism. This all factors contribute to insecurity.

The word insecurity makes our body constrict in self-defence.

Three Really Seamless Ways to Get Over Insecurities

Instead of letting insecurities build their mansions in your head and then letting them expand, cut short them and try to keep them at bay. It’s basically easier said than done cus in that state of mind you cannot shift focus onto regaining yourself but you have to. So, if you have to regain yourself, here are three really seamless ways to get over insecurities:

Sharing is Healing.

Three Really Seamless Ways to Get Over Insecurities

If you’re going through insecurities and you hear from someone “I go through this myself” or ‘me-too’ it’s a very positive feeling cus then you have someone you can relate too.

If a shopkeeper keeps his products inside closed doors, will he be able to sell anything? No, right! Same goes here, if you keep your insecurities to yourselves, you give no-one a chance to relate to you and in turn, experience a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy-flavoured assumption’-based sense of isolation. If there’s voices to our insecurities, if there’s someone you can stop by at, you give yourself a brilliant opportunity to connect with those who share your struggles.

Bravery requires Powerlessness:

In VMA 2009, When Taylor Swift won the ‘Best Music Video of the Year’ Award, Kanye being Kanye interrupted her speech and came up and said, “I think Beyoncé had the best video of all time’ and people did appreciate that and supported Kanye for his behaviour.

Click the link down below to watch the video:

While we’re quick to rightfully credit Kanye for being honest and having tremendous courage, we must also input ourselves in this equation and realize that coming forward with our own insecurities is likely to warrant a similar outpouring of support, inspiration and positive change—quite the opposite of what our neurotic imaginations think of.

And finally,


Three Really Seamless Ways to Get Over Insecurities

This one is for the insecurities that the people face while they think they’re perfect. I mean perfect? For real? Sounds very difficult but yes, perfectionism can cause insecurities. If you are constantly disappointed and blaming yourself for being anything less than perfect, you will start to feel insecure and unworthy.

I believe that Perfectionists often have conditional self-esteem: They like themselves when they are on top and dislike themselves when things don’t go their way. Can you learn to like yourself even when you are not doing well? Focus on inner qualities like your character, sincerity, or good values, rather than just on what grades you get, how much you get paid, or how many people like you.

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