Three Effective Outputs of Sharing Your Thoughts.

Sharing your thoughts

Previously on The Soul Talks, I had mentioned a poem where the storyline was the pain that is suffered when one of the two is honest while the other is dishonest. In case you’ve missed the poem, here’s the link:

Today the aspect that I’ll be mentioning is ‘Sharing Your Thoughts

Restricting ourselves to not speak a word to someone when you are going through ups and downs is what is happening today!
The reason what I feel could be the sense of belonging that what will he/she think about me or the person might not help me or might drain me more!
Also another take to this story could be thatIs he worthy to me? Or in a better way that is She trustable?

Sharing your thoughts
This tend to happens that you hesitate to speak cus somewhere down the line you do not get that vibe or you do not attain positivity from his/her end.

But reader let me tell you that around 47% of your doubts or that uneasy feeling goes away with communication. On what grounds am I saying this? According to my research, The University of Philadelphia on their report on ‘Is Communication effective’ said very clearly that 47% of the tension goes away with communication. Be is corporate, be it personal, be it family or whatsoever the trouble might be, it tends to calm down when you start speaking!

Personally, I feel that if you sit down and talk to person whose views matter to you then friend you know what to do!
The three aspects again I feel that comes into existence with sharing your thoughts are:

The theory of Two-Way Traffic

Sharing your thoughts

I mean people say that ‘Why should I share when he doesn’t?’ Why should i be the one doing all the talk or taking effort!’

Keep this in mind that Relationships are formed then built and then experienced! If you need to experience a relationship joyously then you gotta form and built it. And the ego that he should be the one approaching cannot take you longer in life. Cus if he doesn’t share with you while you share your stuff then its okay! He might not do it for one time……two times….three times….but then he definitely will for the fourth time. You gotta understand that building a relationship is like stuck in traffic. First its red signal then after a while its yellow then after a while is green which means you can now move free.

Perks of letting it out

Once you start speaking and sharing then I guarantee that your mind will start thinking more in a positive way, I’ll tell you how!
If you’re feeling low you go to your ‘go too guy’ and speak it out…’re in a negative state of mind at that point of time while to cheer you up, your guy will def be in a positive frame. So negatives and positive charges work the best to make things happen for good!

Sharing your Thoughts is a Stressbuster too!

Sharing your thoughts

We all say that when I’m down…I sit alone or listen to music or be in my shell or speak to myself or restrict myself from everyone! They work but its temporary!
Being alone makes you strong…I agree but being together makes you Strong and Supportive! You attain a wider thinking over issues cus at times either you are sharing your issues or you are the receiving end!
By sitting alone this might happen that you just think of yourself but if you add another brain to it then you get a wider perspective!

Well, that’s it! I hope you had a good time reading! Comment down below what you feel and lemme know your thoughts!

Also guys Start Sharing your thoughts!

37 Replies to “Three Effective Outputs of Sharing Your Thoughts.”

  1. Amazing post Piyush!! ♡
    This really clarified to me the term ”relationship” and its importance..
    This gave me really useful tips which I’ll be happy to inform my girlfriend about…
    Thank you very much for sharing..♡♡
    I think anyone can relate to this post!! 🐙

    1. I’m really glad Ella that you found it useful! Thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts!☺️☺️

  2. Piyush u have nailed it right across. You are getting to be so good at this that i would rather see you as mind reader or psychologist or a councillor rather than whatever you are studying right now. You have a way to read into peoples mind. And that is definetly a good trait in a councillor. Keep up the good work Piyush….😃

    1. Woah Anamika! This is the best comment that I’ve read so far! You know I always wanted to be a businessman just like my father….hehe and never thought of pyachology or councilling😂
      Your support has been immense throughout the course of my blogs! I’ve always been glad by your gracious comments and highly valuable inputs! Thank you Anamika!☺️☺️

      P.S. waiting for some of yout fresh farm writings!🙈

      1. Haha…..fresh farm writings…hehe😁😁. U had me laugh my heart out there. Like fresh farm fruits, ya veggies or even fresh farm egg. Ya it is still in the farm expected to come out in a few days. It’s a collab so taking its sweet own time u c.

        So interested in business like ur Pa. Then must be BBA or MBA, i presume. But u need this tact of mind reading in business too as to get into ur clients mind to find out their need and to deliver. But i think this world is loosing a good councillor in you. Chalta hein as long as u share ur valuable suggestions and valuable points here for us readers. I am sure u will excel whatever u choose to do as ur heart is pure.

        1. Cus your writings are fresh outta the farm👍🏻👍🏻
          Also, now I’m doing BBA and then MBA. But then life has a lot of turns you know and you never know what might life has in store.
          I feel inspired by your words and I don’t think I’ll stop with my thoughts! 👍🏻☺️

          1. Thanks Piyush for ur kind words. U have always been sport and support. That’s a good choice u made there as far as education goes if u r to run ur fathers business. Best of luck on that. Keep inspiring others by your writing, let the positivity spread..

          2. Thank you again Anamika! God bless you!☺️

          3. God Bless you too Piyush….

  3. A deep and wise thought. Sharing liberates the inner demons

    1. Wise man, wise thoughts! Beautifully explained there Shantanu!

      1. It was your thought I just added my views 😊

  4. Sharing our thoughts and stress do help us a lot. Nice post Piyush 😊

    1. True that. Thank youu☺️

  5. Well i feel that sharing surely relieves but only if done with the right person otherwise it may even worsen the things. By ‘right person’ i mean somebody with a balanced mindset beacuse prejudices seldom help.

    1. That is what I meant! I’ve mentioned it very well that when it comes from your ‘go too guy’ it becomes really well! Otherwise you mentioned it that it becomes worsen!

  6. This is so true sharing thoughts definitely help to relieve stress! Excellent post Piyush!!

    1. Thank you so much Kranti!👍🏻

  7. Its really awesome i can relate this with my personal life. 🔥❤

    1. Thank you Priyanka! I’m glad that you found it relatable! <3

  8. Beautifully written Piyush!!

  9. I agree sometimes, it is definitely a stress buster.

    1. Indeed it is! Thanks for dropping by Moushmi!

    1. Thank you 3rd time…hehe….

  10. I like dis line Together we r stong nd supportive. .nice post Mr. PC

    1. My Pleasure friend and thank you for reading.

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