The Tale

The tale

Previously on The Soul Talks, 

I had mentioned about ‘how to deal with or how to attain happiness’ which was a continued story of ‘Happiness: The Greatest Emotion or a Myth’ In case you’ve missed the article here’s how to go through it.

Happiness: There’s more to the story.

Today, the poem that I’m gonna be writing is based on ‘The Tale.’ The Tale here means how bad the sufferings were for him as she made life really tough for him as he believer in her while she betrayed him. 

So, here it goes: 

                  THE tale 

The tale

You’re the voice inside my head,

Telling me to lie down and fade. 

The scars won’t let me down, 

Would let me grow and frown. 

You only wanted to do bad things, 

While I was waiting on the aisle with the ring. 

I guess you didn’t value my love,

And I would always wait for you at the lake with the dove. 

When you broke down I didn’t leave you, 

The tale which you gave is ewwww.


When you were down, I’d lift you up,

Holy Cow…’d cry and I’d never give up. 

The drop of your tears did hurt me, 

It’d hit my heart falling for she. 

There were moments where I tried to leave, 

But girl, my honesty is what I wanted to giiive. 

I’d always fight my way through, 

So that I could remain true. 

The day when it all went to sail

Babe, my love for you failed. 

Betrayal was the last expected from you,

The tale which you gave is ewww. 

Heartbreak is what I got from you,

The tale which you gave is eww.

My mind was still for just a few

The tale which you gave is ewww. 

While writing this, I remember you

The tale which you gave is eww. 

So, I hope the concept of The Tale is pretty clear now and I hope you had a good time reading! Let me know what you felt via dropping your valuable thoughts in the comment section down below. If you found it relatable to you or anyone in your life, do share it! Also, subscribe by entering your email right at the top of the screen to receive direct update in your inbox. 

Until next time, byee! 

17 Replies to “The Tale”

  1. We give too much and looses too much when in love only to realize later that the other person didn’t deserve what we gave and we lost a part of us while doing so.

    1. That is what I’m talking about! Relatable thoughts Adithya!👍🏻

  2. Lovely poem..♡
    I’ve just shared on Google+ if you don’t mind. 🐙

    1. Its my pleasure Ella!❤️ Thank you for sharing!🤗

  3. Wow Piyush! U r getting to be so good at this, that everytime I read your poem it sounds more like a beautiful song’s lyrics. Keep it up Piyush.

    1. I’m delighted and yk as birds wait for rain, I wait out for your comment! You’ve been truly supportive Anamika! Thank you!👍🏻

      1. It’s my pleasure Piyush☺.

  4. Beautifully done.. 👍🏼😇

    1. Thank you for your kind gesture🤗👍🏻

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  6. concept of The Tale is pretty clear now and had a good time reading! 
    Subscribed 👍

    1. Thank you Akshaya!! I’m glad you got the concept!!!

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