The Battle of Sexes: Revealed


We’ve been living this battle since ages, centuries and since the birth of mankind this battle of sexes has been glorified and people have been debating on this topic and finding the conclusion, proving one gender superior over the other while taking down the fact that we are all HUMANS.

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have found unique sex differences in brain connectivity suggesting that male brains are structured for perception and coordination while female grey matter is wired up for coordination between the analytical and intuitive parts of the brain.

Let me just like take some aspects into consideration and give out the analysis.


This might be shocking to lot of people but women have better IQ than men. The prolific reason for having a better IQ for women is that ‘supplying the demands of a juggling family and also building the career’ have made women more intelligent.

James Flynn, a world expert in IQ testing said, “The complexity of the modern world is making our brains adapt and raising our IQ.” But women have risen faster.

There is no shame I feel when your wife, girlfriend, daughter, sister, friend, is smarter than you. What one can do is feed of them and get more knowledge if they have rather than poking your ego and neglecting the fact that your brain and balls are of the same size. Don’t make it a battle, make it blossom.


A lot of people joke about women drivers and women driving and fairly according to research that’s true.

So, men pass their practical test after six months compared to an average eight months for women and 48% of blokes pass first-time beating the 44% women, close eh!

Self-confidence plays a huge part in this where nearly 4 out of 10 men think that they’re better drivers than women while just 26% women think that their gender is the best which I feel is not a battle and can surely be improved.

As for the parallel parking, studies show men’s brains are better than women’s at visualising 3D images.

Night Sleep:

All new mums know men excel at sleeping – and they’ll never match them. The Great British Sleep Survey found women take longer to drop off and are disturbed more often by their children.

Sleep doctor Michael J Breus says fluctuating hormones also disrupt their sleep. Other experts say they worry at night more than men

Office Boss- The Biggest Battle


Employers take note. Having women in the boardroom is good for business. A study found women make better bosses because they are fairer, have better scruples and are more likely to make decisions that benefit everyone – from shareholders to staff.

The research for the International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics also found that female-influenced companies are generally more successful than those dominated by men. Girl Power!

P.S. KKW fragrance i.e. Kim Kardashian, she’s building a huge empire of his business.

(Just an example, not creating a battle or conflict)

View point:

So, its 2-2 Men vs Women and to be honest there should be no competition between both the genders. One feed of another, we all want to be good with the opposite gender cus somewhere you tend to expressive and feel their thoughts when you convey your emotion.

There is no particular gender being best. There is a lot bias-ness these days over men or over women and also I’d like to mention that people are taking feminism the incorrect way. We all are Humans, Persons having the exact soul which the other person has, God did not differentiate while sending souls onto earth, why do we do that? Wake up, be a better human instead of a better man or a better women.


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3 Replies to “The Battle of Sexes: Revealed”

  1. I so agree. I always say women are far superior than men. A great post

    1. Yep, they are neck to neck to men and in some sectors way ahead then men. Thank you for taking your time out and reading it.

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