Stressbuster: Three easy simple ways to curb stress.


Previously on The Soul Talks, I had mentioned about mental health and how important mental health is and also at the same time ways and remedies to cure and stabilize mental health. In case, you’ve missed the article, here’s the link:

Today, the emotion that I’ll be mentioning is stress and also mentioning the ways that I take into consideration to take out stress.


Stress is something which we experience either everyday or very frequently. Stress cannot be eradicated, it can be dealt with. Now, the main question:

How does stress occur?

Now, stress occurs usually when your mind and your heart are not in-sync. You’re thinking something else and you’re doing something else. This is where stress begins cus you want to do that ‘something’ which you cannot do and you’re doing something which you don’t wanna do.

Just to add to this: I am not talking about work pressure or work stress. I am talking about emotional stress. Here, your mind does not accept the fact what your heart is thinking and the heart does not want to beat that feeling which your mind is penetrating.

It’s a complete turmoil.

The three main aspects which are taken into consideration while dealing with emotional stress are:

Matching the beats:


You should simplify things and prioritize on the basis of their importance. For example: Let’s say you’ve got five huge work projects due next week, two Cub Scout commitments, you promised your son, your dad’s overdue taxes on your desk, your friends 24th birthday celebration to plan, and your sister’s computer to fix. What do you do? You record all the tasks on a sheet of paper or on your computer and you give each one a number between 1 and 10: 10 being the most important (life threatening) to one (stupid bloody thing I signed up for). Start with the 10s. If you never get beyond the 8s, that’s okay!

Don’t scribble but erase: Works the best for stressbuster

If you rely on your to-do list as much as I do, then you’ll want to start using pencil instead of pen. Because one important stress buster is to try to stay as flexible as you can. Things change! And change is not our enemy, even though our brain categorizes it as such. You want to be able to erase a task or reminder at any time, because who the heck knows what your day will be like.

Give it a laugh:


Just as chronic and severe stress can damage organic systems in our body, humour can heal. When people laugh, the autonomic nervous system mellows out and the heart is allowed to relax. Laughter can also boost the immune system, as it has been found to increase a person’s ability to fight viruses and foreign cells, and reduce the levels of three stress hormones: cortisol, epinephrine, and dopac. Plus, it’s just fun to laugh. And having fun is its own stress buster.

Well, I hope you liked my article. Keep smiling always cus you are a happy soul. Keep smiling, keep winning.

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9 Replies to “Stressbuster: Three easy simple ways to curb stress.”

  1. We are the generator of the streets we face, we stress about everything little thing in life and feel unnecessary tensed when things doesn’t go out way. I love your well stated facts and how to get rid of stress. Nice post

    1. Thank you so much and I agree with you that we’re the creators and we’re the dispellers.
      I respect you gave your valuable inputs.

      1. My pleasure reading ✌

  2. Prioritize and organizing sure does help. I do it all the time. Laughing never disappoints. A great read

    1. Sure, it never does. Thank you for taking a read.

  3. Your blogs are really inspiring. The three things that you spoke about ways to curb stress was really helpful.I would love if you write about overthinking and how to overcome it. Much love more power to you

    1. Surely. I would definitely write on overthinking and also thank you for your kind words☺️

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