Silence has its own way of communicating. Find it out

Previously on The Soul Talks, I had discussed about the diss-war that occurred between Raftaar and Emiway. The brawl which had taken place went too personal and I feel Emiway deliberately did it. Read the article to know what happened.

Today, the aspect that I’m gonna be talking on is ‘Silence’

Silence is something you don’t cultivate. It is something you don’t want to be associated with, but at times you desire it.

As they say less is more and at times no words depict the emotion you want to convey. Loud music, constant talk, communication with pals: these are the things which are part and parcel of life but have we ever used Silence as a way of communication, answer yourself.

It is ironical that communication is to speak but silence is a way of speaking without opening your mouth.

Modern-day gigs and gimmicks are taking us away from the essence of true life but at times Silence is something which you fairly don’t wish for but it gives you an intense faith in life.


Silence is Captivating:

Imagine the fact you’re sitting with your girl and she just does an eye-roll and you get to know what she feels. Just sitting there having eye contact and speaking with your soul, it is damn intense.

There are people who just say less and mean more. You just sit there and let your heart do the talking. At times you know, long-tailed sentences, deep meant words, intense phrases fail to convey what you wish to speak and just a firm look and a deep breath say the world you wished to speak.

Silence is Soothing:

Those who are inquisitive in life, try this. Sit down at the end of the day or during ‘your time’ and just let silence do its magic. Just think and do nothing else. You will hear a lot of voices which will calm you down and give you the direction you’re looking for.

Hearing the clock turn minute into hours is a very desired feeling trust me.


P.S. Yesterday, I learned a very important lesson on ‘restricting’ from a very dear friend of mine and that is what made me write this post.

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26 Replies to “Silence has its own way of communicating. Find it out”

  1. Your deviant eyes look at the life intricacies so gorgeously. Silence as they say is always golden. And timing sometime is most important thing. A beautiful read

    1. Absolutely true. Letting the wind speak for you and understanding someone just by their aura is weaved magic. Thank you for dropping by👍👍😊

  2. So true.. A beautiful read! Silence has its own voice. The words only you can listen and the message only you can perceive. Sometimes the most potent answer!

    1. Absolutely true Kranti! It is like the feeling which is for YOU and for noone else. So, you get that prioritized wala feeling and you feel special on that.

  3. Piyush you are getting so Good at this…. an excellent topic and wonderful explanation with apt examples… Way to go Piyush..

    1. Thank you Anamika for your kind response always and your wonderful thoughts, appreciated.

  4. Silence is golden. It sure is something we all should listen to because it has a lot of things to advice us without making any sound at all.

    1. That is the best part and you know it is for you and no one else so you kinda feel important that you are at the receiving end of something which is done good for you.

  5. A great read, Piyush and u have explained it so truly on Silence. Silence is sure golden and to be silent is a great achievement.

    1. Thank you Kamal for your profound views! You mentioned it very correctly that Silence is golden and to be silent is a pure achievement. It is very important to connect with your eternal soul and can only be done with ‘the silent zone’ Stay connected to TheSoulTalks via subscribing, just enter your email in the form down below. Wishing you a very happy day!


      1. Ya k for sure will do that, Piyush and it so nice to be free and happy as that is what a Soul is no entanglements but blissfully free and in silence can we reflect on these words. Welcome Piyush.

        1. True indeed! Words of wisdom there. You can feel self by doing so and evoke that spirit of life which is unconditional.

          1. For sure and life is beautiful and unconditional but we are unnecessary giving meaning to it and in return we suffer.

          2. Absolutely! In the quest of doing so, losing self.

  6. In a way we need both noise and silence. I suppose this polarity makes life. Nowadays we tend to live in the noise mode mostly if not only. It’s the tension between these two poles that makes life, isn’t it?
    Thank you for visiting and commenting at our blog about silence. It’s very much appreciated 🙂 🙂
    All the best
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. We live around noise and we grow by the noise in major cases. What I want is in fact to listen to those noises which our heart creates, our mind shouts. Those words in those noises are always soothing to listen.
      Thank you so much for valuable comments, highly appreciated. 😊
      Have a great day!

  7. Silence is the great noise if not managed properly. It takes lot of practice to enjoy the true silence. Well written!

    1. Indeed it does as it is not a normal part of life to experience. It needs passion to experience and then listen to it.

  8. A beautiful read Piyush. Silence is sometimes not only soothing but also very essential.

    1. Indeed it is. It brings the direction to what you were looking for.

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