Satisfied: Umm..yess!! or Ehh No!

Previously on The Soul Talks, I had mentioned some overviews of depression where I had talked about what exactly it is and how exactly can one get outta depression and can be happy. In case you’ve missed the article, here’s the link:

Today, the topic that I’m gonna write on is quite tricky. Both aspects of the topic are opposite sides of the coin where one side there is a ungratefulness and on the other side there is the concept of being satisfied.

But firstly answer this to yourself that,

Am I Satisfied?


The hunger to succeed or the will/courage to go in-roads and achieve modern-day greats is something else and I am not talking about that.

Well, we observe a lot that someone might be better than us or inferior than us. What most of us kinda do is ignore the inferior ones and get in the race to pull down the superior ones and in turn be more demanding than ever before.

The satisfaction in us is going down radically cus we’re not happy of what we have but we have the greed/desire of having something that he/she has.

This causes a lot of trouble, cus then our mindset becomes such and we turn a lot selfish cus we’re thinking of ourselves only and also somewhere I feel we’re becoming MATERIALISTIC.

Numerous studies have already shown that people who are more materialistic are generally less satisfied with their standards of living, their relationships and their lives as a whole

I do not intend to create disputes, fights, its just my point of view which I’m trying to keep.

I’m not mentioning the ways to increase the satisfaction level cus that depends on individual to individual and all I’m saying is to be Grateful as we are becoming less satisfied and more of ‘I want this and I want that.’

Now, being grateful is what?

Being Grateful is accepting that whatever you are, or whatever you have. Just because of the fact that he has a car that does not mean you want a car too, right? (applicable to gadgets, electronics, materialistic things, etc).

Keeping your spirits high and your feet onto ground will take you leads ahead in life cus then your intent would change and it would be an optimistic one. I bet you.


Playing inside your own circle and in the quest of doing so, increasing the diameter of the circle will benefit you in the longer run. But, if your circle is smaller and you want to play outside your circle then you’re gonna harm yourself or lose that circle.

Believing in God and believing in your hard-work makes a boy a man. The longer the vision to think, the better you become in life as a person, as a company/business, and prosper in every walk of life.

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