Power of Acceptance: Ways to increase the acceptance level.

power of acceptance

Previously on The Soul Talks, I had mentioned about hesitation and what hesitation does to us and also what are the concepts behind hesitation and also the tips through which it can be cured. In case, you’ve missed the article here’s the link: http://thesoultalks10.com/three-aspects-which-brings-hesitation-to-the-table/

Today, the emotion that I’ll be putting my viewpoint is: very uncommon and is rarely seen in today’s man. It is the Power of Acceptance.

According to me, Acceptance simply means you recognise and understand your current situation. Acceptance allows you to be free from the shackles of denial and move forward in life creating a new path and a new life for yourself.

Now, in simpler terms what is Acceptance? Also, I’ll be putting light onto the power of acceptance.

Power Of Acceptance is getting over the denial mode

Now, we all get that feeling that ‘how can this happen?’ ‘why did this happen?’ and ‘how can this happen to me?’ It is very common of us to think such. Acceptance is getting over these feelings and finding a profound way to conquer them and get a way to answer the questions raised.

From Resistance to Acceptance:

power of acceptance

You can accept generally two things: humans and situations. Now, there are two energies that you can choose from. One is Resistance while the other is Acceptance. One thing to clear, you cannot change the situation. Lets try to understand what resistance is and how we can change it to the power of acceptance.

For example, Justin Bieber is a fantastic singer. Now, the power of acceptance here is Yes, he is very good singer. Your mind accepts the fact. But now resistance here could be, how can he be a good singer? Is he allowed to be a good singer? etc etc. Resistance is not approving of things as they are. Now, you cannot change the fact that he’s a very good singer by resisting it. With resistance you’re just manipulating your thoughts and nothing else.

Acceptance is not accumulation of lot of thoughts:

power of acceptance

For this, I would like to explain it with an example. Imagine, you go to work  every-day. One fine day, a crow pops-up and troubles you and goes away. If this thought has been registered and accumulated in your head then for the next few days you’ll get that weird feeling while passing the same road that what if the crow comes back again? Cus there’s backreference of that thought cus you’ve not accepted the fact that it was just a crow or maybe a bad moment. So, this is how the power of acceptance works.

Acceptance is freedom within the soul and also Final Thought and viewpoint:

power of acceptance

The final concept here is linked with the above three concepts. Now, what happens if you accept the fact that you couldn’t win the race, you gain more knowledge over the subject as then you try to analyse that how did I lose the race and what went wrong and also you try to find your mistakes which gives your soul freedom to think about it and prepare better for the upcoming events. In the same situation if you resist that how can I lose? I cannot lose the race only, then you’re resisting the fact which brings negativity to the table as then you start judging yourself and in doing so, you do not prepare well for the upcoming events.

I hope you like reading the article, In case you have any queries regarding any concept just drop-in a comment below. Thank you.

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  1. Very powerful writing. Well written

    1. Thank you for taking the time out and reading and giving your valuable inputs. 🙂

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