One-sided love: Four Concepts to clear about One-sided love

one-sided love

Previously on The Soul Talks, I had put my viewpoints on how its damn sick to have fake people around you and how one can identify them. I had mentioned detailed ways on how you can observe from his/her behaviour on whether he/she is trying to be fake. In case you’ve missed the article, here’s the link for you:

Today, the emotion that I’m going to put my viewpoint on is One-sided love which is the cause of disturbance for a lot of people.

Now, the very important and a tricky question:

Is One-sided love, love?

one-sided love

According to me, one-sided love is not love but it is obsession, its self-destruction, it’s a battlefield, its infatuation, its crush and also its torture. Got all the adjectives out which I could think of for one-sided love. Now, I am not mad to use all of this high-end impactful adjective but once you start thinking about it, you might find it relatable cus one-sided love is like waiting on your phone hoping that they’d text which rarely happens and also, it’s a battle with your own gut which you cannot win.

The second important question:

One-sided love is rare happiness:

one-sided love

If ever you’ve come at a phase where you love someone but the opposite person doesn’t then you might know what I am referring to. Love and happiness are terms which go together major times but in one-sided love, the proportion of happiness is like very low cus. Most of the times, you’re busy assuming stuff like ‘what can I do to impress her/him?’ ‘how will he/she react?’ and all that and lose your happiness quotient as you get so much engrossed into that person which makes you unaware that You is you and not him/her which makes me bring the third important aspect

You lose your own shadow:

In the quest of making him/her happy, you lose your own shadow. The thought of her eyes, his hair, her arms, his physique makes you lose yourself and then all the time, they are the ones ruling your brain’s thinking capacity. Its like there’s battle inside your head and they are the ones leading the battle which clearly states that their thoughts are ruling you and affecting you.

So, mentioning the final concept of one-sided love

Its awkwardness all the time:

one-sided love

The reason I used awkwardness is when you meet that person, they do not have feelings for you but you have for them which surely brings awkwardness to the table. There is no common frequency to the level which you think as to theirs. Just to clarify what I said, you’re assuming pizza’s and what they’re thinking is lasagna, see no resemblance between the two. This is what brings awkwardness cus you do not know what to talk, how to talk, how to react and your mind is not thinking straight.

Final thought and viewpoint:

One-sided love is a feeling which is very difficult to curb down. It grows more and more with passing days and passing moments. Well, all I’ll say is Love Yourself but do not be an over Self-Obsessed person.

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15 Replies to “One-sided love: Four Concepts to clear about One-sided love”

    1. Thank you for taking a read. 🙂

      1. But I think some people would disagree

        1. Yeah! Agree and Disagree usually go together just like head and tail of a coin, right?
          I feel that you somewhere agree to what I’ve written.

          1. Yeah I do if you love someone and it’s just one sided it sure is self destruction cause they’ll ruin their life for the other person while the other person may not care at all.

          2. Yeah, absolutely and you cannot blame the other person cus he/she is nowhere at fault. I really appreciate that you’re taking efforts to mention your views. Thank you:)

          3. Yes that’s true. And it was my pleasure to read it 😊

          4. Again that’s really very sweet of you 🙂

  1. Interesting concept bt one sided love is not that bad..we don’t need anybody’s acceptance to love him/her..its complete on its own😍🤗🤗

    1. I completely agree that we do not need acceptance to love that person but then our expectations rise and they keep on raising and at the end of the day they do not get fulfilled which hurts and then our heart cringes.

      1. How the expectations will increase where we know that its jst us who is in love bt nobody else..🧐

        1. Right now our state mind of mind is normal but if you’re in love, you don’t think normally. Trust me, I’ve experienced this in love we think of that person and our world revolves around them. This may sound immature but I’ve experienced it and so can I say.

          1. Yup..i know..that person becomes our whole world when we are in love…

    1. Thank you Kajal! I’m glad you liked it!👍🏻🤗

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