How to Get Rid of Stress: 6 Methods to Quickly Get Rid of Stress!

how to get rid of stress

Stress is something where either we’re too much filled up or we’re too empty to do something. It’s a feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure and everyone has their own ways to get rid of stress.

One may not be in the mood to meditate during stress as our thoughts are racing though meditation is one of the best ways to reduce stress. One also may at times face relationship-stress where breathing exercises is not the solution but breathing exercises is again the ideal ways to take out stress; communicating with your partner is what will get a solution in such a situation.

So, here are 6 Active and Easy Methods to get rid of stress:

Avoid Procrastination!

how to get rid of stress

What Procrastination does is it makes you act reactively, leaving you bogged-down to catch up. This can definitely cause you stress which in turns affects your health and sleep-cycle in a bad way.

Staying on-top of your priorities is a good way to control or manage stress. Getting in the habit of making a to-do list organized by priority rankings will help you get your work done on time and will also stop you from stressing. Giving yourself realistic deadliness works really well and then working onto things that needs to get done today and then pacing well for tomorrow!

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Inculcate to say NO!

how to get rid of stress

Saying No is as important as saying Yes! At times, you have to say No! Taking responsibility is good but then if you’re juggling with responsibilities, it can add stress to another level. Being selective in what you need to do is really crucial as you don’t want to add stress or work load unnecessarily.

So, decide what you can do and what you cannot do! Don’t overburden or pressurise yourself with things that you cannot do!

Practice Time Management

how to get rid of stress

This is not just for stress but for almost everything in life. Time Management is the key to greater success. If you can do it, then you can live the life you want! Time Management allows you to minimise the stressors you experience and better manage the ones that you have to do it. As mentioned above, if you’re able to tick mark everything on your “to-do” list without the rush or stress, you feel completely different and relieved.

Hugging Someone:

how to get rid of stress

Hugs are a very good emotional support and a brilliant confidence builder. They’re a very good stress reliever. As per science, when you hug someone then you release oxytocin, a hormone that promotes pro-social behaviours that can contribute to relaxation, trust, compassion. So, last night I was listening to Dr. Paul Zak who is a very popular TED Talk speaker. He says at least one should have 8 hugs a day to maintain a strong relationship. And if you feel awkward hugging someone at work or probably at college then you have your family and your close friends.

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Mental Games:

how to get rid of stress

Notice this thing that your brain will always remember a negative event or will always seek out for negative information. It’s usually termed as negativity bias. If you need to change the channel of your thinking so as to focus and concentrate the work which you have in hand, try playing a mental game. Mental games are really fun, easy brain-training activities that help you increase your concentration power and eventually lessen distraction.

What you can do is either make an imaginary situation and try to rescue someone in that situation, this will uplift your motivation and will improve work efficiency or try to make sentences starting with the same letter. For example, Big Ben bought a balloon or Casey changed her cat’s clothes. It’s really very interesting to do this and I read this online so thought to mention it.

React correctly or don’t react at all.

how to get rid of stress

I believe that I cannot change the situation but I can change my reaction. This is those subtle changes that you incorporate within yourself to bring a massive difference in the longer run.

You don’t have to necessarily react to everything. At times, you can just pass! Let it sink in and let it drown, it’s gone then! The more you work on your stress, the more it gets!

I’m pretty sure these tips will help you relax yourself and get rid of stress. These are all related to Self-Care and are not dependent on any medicine or yoga! You practice these by yourselves in your daily life and experience a massive difference within You!

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  1. Very informative post, will definately help me overcome the hard stressful times. I love hugging my pets too when I’m stressed out!

    1. Thank you Saania! I’m glad that it would help you and its good to hug you know. Hugging is very positive.
      Have a great day! 😊

  2. Wonderful post Piyush!!

    1. Thank you so much Priyanka for dropping by! It’s a pleasure to have someone from the community! 😊✌

  3. Sounds like a great ideas for me🤗

    1. Which one are you looking forward for the most? 😊

  4. Hugging someone and management time and yours?

    1. I usually prefer not to procrastinate and make a to-do list and keep a regular check on it. I also do not take unnecessary load on myself and hug the ones I absolutely love.
      Thank you for mentioning your thoughts. Have a great day! 😊😊

      1. You are very welcome🌸🤗

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