6 Proven Ways To Cure Your Own Depression.

how to get rid of depression

Depression is a deadly disease. It can take down anyone in its flow. Anyone, I mean anyone! Look at the recent example where Justin Bieber is facing depression and is not able to stay stable. Being a Belieber, it cringes me when the person you stan goes through a bad phase. So I decided that I’ll definitely write a post on ‘How to Get Rid of Depression!’

Depression as I’ve talked about earlier too is very negative. It a mind phase where there’s immense rush of negativity and the worst part is that depression doesn’t always come alone, it brings loneliness with it too. Certainly, if we talk about Bieber and his recent depression news, he saidl

“I just want people to know I’m human. I’m struggling I think a lot of people are. You get lonely, you know, when you’re on the road. People see the glam and the amazing stuff, but they don’t know the other side. This life can rip you apart.”

This all happened couple of weeks ago before his birthday and this is probably the worst birthday built-up.

Actually, this is not just for the Biebs. This is for everyone undergoing depression. Fighting depression before it pins you down is the need of the hour. So, here are 6 ways through which depression can be lifted up and thrown out of your system: This is how to get rid of depression.

6 Reliable Ways To Stay Positive in Life.

How to Get Rid of Depression: Have Realistic Standards

how to get rid of depression

This can be a bit rude but then at the end of the day, it’s best for business. Having unrealistic standards is where it begins all from. We tend to expect a lot and then we pay a huge price for that. If you’re not connecting with someone then let it be, do not do so. If you forcefully connect with someone or if you connect with someone where there’s no consent between both individuals then one is definitely ongoing on the track of losing themselves.

Its okay if you do not become lifelong mates.

If its hard to connect, back off. This is where we protect ourselves from being broken in the future.

Think Beyond Yourself.

how to get rid of depression

Depression makes you always think of yourself, like everything is all about you!

You then start crying about yourself and then you want people to talk to you but you don’t want to understand what they’re saying.  

This is when we need to think beyond ourselves and start listening to people who really cares for us.

How to Get Rid of Depression: Do Something — Anything.

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Just sitting there and waiting for things to be get back on track: Its never going to happen. If you’re feeling depressed and you want to change it, Just do it! it could be anything to make you feel light.

What matters is the thought process that Yes, I want to get it out from me. Just for example, when Biebs was not doing great emotionally, he went up boxing.

Life Sucks: Think Hard Before Saying It!

Explore your Faith.

get rid of depression

Growing up we tend to disconnect ourselves from God, we usually believe that karma is most important. I do not disagree but believing in God and exploring your faith is what makes your karma and this is how to get rid of depression

“People who have a personal relationship with their God or a higher power tend to do well”

Being a part of faith communities in many ways builds up positivity within you. You must not always have your best friend being a part of it for you go. You should have the Sense of Belonging that Yes, I’m a part of it.

Carl Lentz (Senior Pastor at Hillsong Church NYC) does a wonderful in exploring Justin’s faith and increasing his believe within God.

Call, Don’t Post.

how to get rid of depression

Social media is a great platform you know. It provides an essential social outlet for some, it does for me. But you know the more you socialise the more you pressurise yourself. As you then have to live up to their expectation and then there’s watching others live their lives and comparing. So, this can get you more depressed I feel as the more you see, the more you want. Instead ring up someone or have a face-to-face conversation to ease yourself out.

3 Crucial Factors Why Social Life is Very Important!

The Second You

Image Courtesy: Dailymail.

The one to whom you listen, get a sympathetic ear and listen to the thoughts from whom you trust. Also, if you see your friend or your partner depressed don’t just casually help them, help them to the core so that they get out of it really quickly.

Look at Hailey Bieber for instance, she’s been there as a rock to Bieber when he needs her the most. Even while boxing, Hailey was there to support Bieber and lift his morale. And these subtle things make a huge difference in the mindset of your friend as they know they have you and they’re with you.

P.S. If you truly love someone so when they’re down, its your responsibility/fandom to help them. So, being a huge Belieber and as I stan him, a small birthday post for him.

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