Happiness: The Greatest Emotion or a Hype?



Happiness probably the greatest emotion?

Most understated and at times most hyped emotion of mankind?

What is Happiness? People have agonized since centuries on this question but recently science begun to weigh in on the debate. Leaving science to its bay at this moment, let me throw some light on some most common emotions that make us wonder that this person is happy but they are not the deciding factors to someone’s happiness.

Happiness isn’t feeling good all the time:

Skeptics have always came up with this thing in their mind that whether a person who uses cocaine every day is ‘happy’?  I’d say if feeling good was the basis to determine whether someone is happy then he definitely would be. But in reality, it is not. According to research, an even-keeled mood is more psychologically healthy than a mood in which you achieve great heights of happiness regularly – at the end of day what goes up must come down, right?

Also, if you and I we ask people what makes their lives worth living, they hardly say anything about their mood or emotion, they tend to mention meaningful stuff like work, relationships, etc. Research also shows that if you focus too hard on pretending to be happy then you’ll actually undermine your ability to stay happy or to feel good.

Happiness isn’t affording expensive things or living a posh life:

Living an average life certainly makes it hard to be happy but money cannot buy happiness or your emotion let me tell you why? Imagine you working as an individual experience a 70% bump in your salary, you’d be happy but for a short period of time. New salary would mean new budget meaning new expectations so that happiness would perish of after that period of time. You will be the same what you were before the raise. Now, same feeling occurs for new houses, new cars, new gadgets and all materialistic goods which you spend so much time pining for.

This can be countered and somewhere is by some people who really spend their extra income or their raise in experiences like getaways, trips with family or friends or onto means where they enjoy life. However, this is a very rare case.

Happiness isn’t the final destination:

‘Are we there yet?’ is usually used in discussions of happiness as if one person works towards happiness and one day he ‘arrives.’ Disagreeing somewhat to this, I feel that it takes regular effort to maintain happiness. Few established ways to remain happy – keeping gratitude are habits: not one-shot events and most life events that make us happy in the short-term, like getting married or being promoted, fade over time as we adapt to them.


According to me, happiness is a combination of how satisfied you are with life and how good you feel on a day-to-day basis and guess what even science agrees to this. Both of these are relatively stable—that is, our life changes, and our mood fluctuates, but our general happiness is more genetically determined than anything else. The good news is, with consistent effort, this can be offset


A short theory to support “happiness is a constant effort.” Think of it like you think about weight. If you eat according to a diet and are active accordingly too then your body will settle down at certain weight. But if you eat less than expected or spend more hours on exercising, your body will adapt to it and so will the weight. If the new profound diet or exercise regimes becomes a part of your everyday life, then you’ll stay at this new weight and will not gain more. If you go back to normal life and do what you did before, your weight will the same too what it used to be. So, it goes too with happiness.

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  1. Totally agree with what you have written 🙂 All the very best Piyush

    1. Thank you so much. I’m glad that you liked it 🙂

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