Fresh Farm Love: Love is not…..

Love is not....

Previously on The Soul Talks, I had mentioned on why that attitude of  “My Life Sucks” is prevailing and I had also mentioned the way of thinking or the attitude through which you can go ahead in life. In case, you’ve missed the article, here’s the link:

Today, the topic that I’ll be mentioning is Fresh Farm Love. The reason I’ve used the word ‘fresh farm’ is because I feel just like fresh farm veggies are a delight to eat such is the case in love I feel. Fresh farm love is like painting your imaginary word with your partner where both enjoy the muse of the seasons, the rhythm of the water moving around the shore and there’s so much more.

Fresh Farm Love: Love is not…..

Love is not

Love is not logic, it’s a feeling

Don’t solve it; experience it!

It’s like taking care of a newborn baby,

You need to give them time and support so they grow maturely.


Love is not painful, it’s a healing.

Don’t curse it; observe it!

Its like walking down a lane full of people,

You might get different opinions but keep the ones that matter.


Love is not a game, it’s a process

Don’t quit it; take it step-by-step!

It’s like putting raw materials into the assembly line,

Once everything fits into pieces, it looks elegant.


Love is not a movie, it’s a theatre!

Don’t wait for the climax; build the story.

It’s like buying a house in the busy streets.

It takes years of effort to built the four closed walls.


I hope you had a good time reading this poem and do comment what you feel.

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57 Replies to “Fresh Farm Love: Love is not…..”

  1. True words
    Liked : this post
    That poem
    That way of expression
    That name ” Fresh farm love” & also explanation for it .

    “You need to give them time and support so they grow maturely.”
    Agreed 1000000%
    Great post
    Keep sharing 💙

    1. That’s so beautifully said by you Akshaya!!
      Thank you <3

    1. Thank you so much Chiru!! I’m glad you nominated me!!

      1. You’re welcome Piyush. Your posts deserve it..

  2. Its an interesting and refreshing way u have put up your post right from the title to content👍🏻👍🏻

    1. Thank you for your wonderful thoughts 🙂 🙂

  3. Very practical n genuine.
    Its all a mattrt of experience n not explanation 💐

    1. Wonderful. So Less but so more….

  4. Fresh farm!!! Yeh kahi suna hua lagta hein…haha😁

    1. Aap bhi jante hoo kahase aaya hain yeh term….hehehehehe

      1. Haan ji bilkul jaante hein, isliye tho pucha ….haha 😁😁. Magar theesra kyon jaane….isliye kuch aur nahi kaha…😁

        1. Haha….that’s so smart of you!

          1. Smart tho hum hein hi. ..😁. Haha….

          2. aap bade sensible aur bade sweet hoo….dil se keh raha hoon

          3. Haha…ye lo aap tho phir shuru hogaye …..but I am humbled and honoured you found me so………aur aapka dil bada acha hein, izliye sabki achai aap ko jaldi dhik jaate hein. Keep ur heart pure like this always Piyush…..

  5. Waise Fresh farm love was quite fresh and refreshing, and yet so touching and very adorable too. Lovely expressions you have used. And giving your time and patience for a relationship to grow is so very important. Excellent write up as usual Piyush.

    1. Thank you Anamika for your wonderful thoughts. Its a pleasure to have your outputs….thank you again. I hope you’re doing good and those troubles which you had some days ago…I feel wo chale gaya hoo…..

      1. Aap bahuth thanks bolte hon. Thoda kam karo after all we are friends. Yes I feel much better now Piyush. Life is a vicious cycle anyway. Mera kya hein, mera chodo ….how are you Piyush? All good? How is the bizz going on and ur studies?

        1. Aapka kyu chodu? Aap mere azeez dost hoo toh pehle hum aapki sehat and aapke issues sahi hue ya nai wo jaanenge kyuki after all you’re very very wonderful soul……humara kya life is a vicious cycle…mera chodo…hahah

          1. Acha…. Mere hi dialogue muje suna rahe ho.. Bade natkat nikle aap. But on serious notes, I am fine Piyush. Sab badiya hein as one of my friend says. Thank you friend for being so concerned and caring. Now meine tho apne bathaya,, aapki vicious cycle ki bahar aakar apna haal bi batao. But one thing shld be appreciated, you have humour in you, which is the best trait for a person. Taking things light in life is not easy always. But if you learn that art life’s half problems are solved. Baaki ka dekha jayega. Kya bolte ho, barabar na! 😃

          2. Aap badhiya hoon janab…toh hume bhi badiya hain and on a serious note I’m good…so accha chal raha hain
            and thank you for appreciating my humour….Highly appreciated!!
            Also, mujhe thoda yeh jaana tha ki aap kar kya rahe hoon? If you don’t mind saying…..

          3. Haha…ye public platform hein janab…ye bhul na jaana… waise i have finished my studies and do some freelancing now kind of on a break from my regular job.

          4. Agar if such is the case then lets talk somewhere else?

          5. I told you i am absolutely absent from social media except WordPress… so what do i do?

          6. Whatsapp? We can talk there…I mean agar aapke pass Whatsapp nai hain then Can you download it?… Sorry to sound nosey…

          7. U give me ur email id… i am sure everyone has one.

          8. Alright Anamika ji…I’ll be waiting.

  6. Fun poem on love, reminding us to open and allow love.

    1. True that! Thank you for commenting!

  7. Wow wow wow amazing poem 😍

  8. Great advice. Take life slowly and build the story – such wise words

    1. Absolutely Sir…Thank you!

  9. Lovely writeup as usual! 🙂

      1. Welcome 🙂 – Priyanka.

        1. Oops I’m sorry!!! Thank you Priyanka**

          1. No problem 🙂

  10. Hi Piyush, I absolutely adore your words here,
    Love is this and so much more. Only we have taken it in a wrong way. You put love into words, and that to so well.

    1. Thank you so much Moushmi! I admire the fact that you took out your time and read my post.

  11. This post is so beautifully written 💙❤

    1. Thank you Meera. <3 You've always been kind and supportive.

      1. So you are 😊💙 dear
        Lots of love and blessings 🎊😊

        1. Love from my end as well <3

  12. U r right love is feeling

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