Feeling of empathy.

Previously on The Soul Talks, I had mentioned about Self-love and also had cleared a lot of air that revolves around self-love. In case, if you’ve not read the article, do have a look.

I’ve noticed this thing a lot that we don’t care about others, we don’t look for their perspective and we don’t understand what they’re trying to say. Does this make you selfish? Yes!! As in my earlier posts on Self-love and Self-respect, this is about empathy and this is about ‘Why Should You Understand Others Perspective?’

It’s really disheartening to see when you focus too much on yourself and barely look out for the opposite person’s point of view. My first post of this year where I had talked about ‘How these 6 emotions will stabilise your Mental Health’ so in this I’ll be mentioning about Empathy which I feel is somewhere lost.

Sometimes we care about us, then we care about us and ONLY we CARE about US.


Things don’t matter – people do! And it’s also said that life isn’t worth living unless its lived for someone else.

I don’t mean to say to think about others all the time but you can do that at times. It’s a materialistic world where things given have more value than feelings derived and it screws my mind that “Duh, Why Always?”

You know showing empathy can be so relaxing. Imagining the fact that how it must’ve been for him/her can literally soothe you up. If you lose your temper over that situation then what it would’ve been for him to accept it. The thought that he bared the exact same situation to which I lost my shit onto can evoke a new calm effect within you.

Give it a thought and trust me you’ll notice the difference. I’ve massively improved myself by doing so. It removes the unwanted stubbornness from you and puts in huge strides of self-believe and appreciation.

What I see is most of us try to OVERPOWER others but very few EMPOWER others.

I apologise for not being active for 8-10 days as I was on a trip. I hope you had a good time reading and I appreciate your support. Drop down your ever so valuable comments and have a great day!

18 Replies to “Feeling of empathy.”

  1. People are selfish. I always say…
    Nothing to say?
    Say nothing.
    Be kind because we are not walking in those shoes.

    1. That is what I crib on! Self obsession has been taken to another level and its devastating at times…hope you’re doing well..have a great day!

  2. Devastating indeed. Soul destroying when youngsters turn on parents.
    All good here in SA.
    I send warm regards from Sunshiny South Africa.

    1. Absolutely…Its good here back in Mumbai..thank you for commenting.

      1. Ah Mumbai, i loved it there. I read so much about India today, there must be a message in that for me. 😋

  3. True! Selfishness is taking over! To think, if people learnt to empathize there would be no crime! What a great world that would be… If only 🙏

    1. That’s the world we imagine but I feel that’s too much…even if we bring small changes in ourselves then we can make a mammoth difference.

      1. I hope so, for the children’s sake…

  4. I love this post. Happy to hear that you are back.

    1. I’m glad you loved it Adi! ✌✌

  5. Sometimes we are so quick to judge others without understanding them..their situation.. loved it Piyush!!

    1. Absolutely..we generally do not take into consideration their opinion and focus too much on self…

  6. I believe we do need to be kind, because we don’t know their story!

    1. That’s what…we assume things from our end and just consider our perspective..

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