Fear of failure: Get it out and do it.

fear of failure

Previously on The Soul Talks, I had mentioned views on Self-respect as on what the concept of self-respect, also what not is self-respect. If you haven’t had a read, here’s the link:


The emotion that I’m going to express myself on is Fear Of Failure.

Fear of Failure

Today, we all are running in the competition of survival. Today, we want to do the same thing which is in existence and think of ‘cracking the big nut’. Just a thought can’t do wonders but the biggest thing we lack today is implementation and the reason behind that is we somewhere have the fear of failure that ‘what If I fail in succeeding?’

Its human to be honest to have this feeling but I feel if you have the correct idea, somewhere the resources required, also its a calculative risk and you have proper knowledge before implementing, then why not?

fear of failure

People like Timothy Sykes: Self Made Millionaire, people like Mark Zuckerberg: CEO of one the biggest companies on the globe, people like Neil Patel: who have conceptualised the art of SEO and marketing and taken it way ahead in the respective field and people like Harsh Agarwal: who has made blogging a full-time business and many more.

They’ve taken such a concept that almost anyone didn’t think of to the stars. It we start with Timothy Sykes, he has gone so ahead with the penny stock trade implementation that even his students are millionaires. Harsh Agarwal from shoutmeloud.com , Neil Patel also to go with Mark Zuckerberg have made so optimum use of internet and now we all know where they stand.

Quite brilliant, isn’t it?

Personally, I choose these names is because I admire all of them to go with Elon Musk. I mean, it’s just not the business field but in personal life as well, we fear to fo a lot of things because we think of ‘what if I fail? what if I do it the wrong way?’ Get out the fear of failure.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have fear at all. I’m saying that you should be relentless in what you do!

I feel failure can be somewhere taken down from the following points.

You don’t have to do something insane:

According to me being insane is doing the same thing like others but expecting different results. A very nice example for this is Elon Musk. He says, TESLA is a battery manufacturer first than a car manufacturer. He straight away took out the potential weakness that others could exploit and gave Tesla new markets to tap onto.

You’re the son of God:

fear of failure

You should only have the fear of God on the grounds of what if I disappoint him? Don’t forget that you’re his son and hence he shall be there by you all the time. He will give you the strength whenever required.

Look at Justin Bieber for example, being such a huge celebrity even he’s had such terrible breakdowns that one couldn’t imagine but with the help of his Pastor Carl Lentz and with sheer belief in God, he’s made sure that he has transformed himself from the bash he was to a kind and beautiful loving soul.

Its all a change in mindset:

fear of failure

Black people were facing a lot of crisis like not given freedom to speak, not given position in the higher authority, etc. But after people like Martin Luther and Nelson Mandela these issues relatively have gone down. It was nothing but a change in mindset that failure can’t take me down and I will fight for me, for my people, for my community and will ensure equal rights.

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  3. Behind every successful person there are miserable failures. The difference being they didn’t give up. Lovely post

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