Expectation: The Mistrusted Emotion.

Expectation: The Mistrusted Emotion?


What is expectation? Expectation is a strong belief that someone might achieve something. Now, its good to have expectations but somewhere at the end of the day, they hurt too.

Expectations can be calculative. For example: I can only expect

myself to get lean and all fit if I take my exercise regime and food habit seriously.

They can arise in any form, materialistic expectations, emotional expectations, etc. Tell me honestly what is your view point on ‘Is it good to have expectations from someone’?

Everyone might have a different answer but frankly I am looking for emotional expectations.

Friends, family, colleagues, class-mates you tend to expect from either one or from all.  If your bond is good with someone than you can expect but I’d like to say that keeping expectations is like walking on the road on a bright sunny day with a blindfold. You do not know what’s ahead of you, you keep on walking till either a) you fall down and someone picks you up or else b) you reach your destination. It’s totally unpredictable.

It is directly related to your happiness and in case you missed my previous article on happiness, here is link to it:  http://thesoultalks10.com/life-rules-5/

What makes Expectations the mistrusted emotion?


I feel today there’s a lot of materialistic expectation and we’re getting drained into it, emotion is dying day by day as very few people want to keep their emotions pure. So, in the race of materialistic expectation, it is becoming mistrusted day-by-day and the faith is going down and what is coming up is disbelief.

This is what I feel on expectations and also to add more,

Imagine a painter keeps his canvas blank and tells his audience to think that it is a beautiful painting then most of them might laugh. But if you really do that, keep your eyes closed and think that it is a beautiful painting then surely a beautiful memory might be there in that canvas.


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