Emotion-less, Emotional Fool? Wait! That’s not you.



Emotions Investment:

So, putting straight and clear, investing into someone does not mean financially or by any money means, it purely is about emotional investment, investing into someone’s happiness, investing into someone’s emotion, investing into someone’s sadness and solely and purely investing time, effort and emotion into a person is what I mean and is what I will be writing about.

First things first:

At times it happens to a lot of us that we give out 100% for a person and then when we start expecting from that person, what we get is sole disappointment. To make matters worse, being let down is an add-on. Till the tip of the iceberg you give your heart and soul for that person and then when payback time comes, your emotions are being played with.

If I speak about my story, then I’ve been let down a lot of times by a lot of people but at the end of the day that’s just how you are, you cannot be emotion-less, your start investing into someone and always get setbacks but then I cannot change myself and start being emotionless.

People go through emotional breakdown, anxiety, trauma, mental disorders, nervous breakdowns, depressions leading suicides and lot of further diseases due being let-down or being disappointed.

Stats and Figures:

  • In the UK, of the 6,233 people who committed suicide in 2013, three quarters of them were men.
  • Women are nearly half as likely to suffer from a mental illness like depression or anxiety compared to men.
  • 350,000,000 people in the world: Affected by depression.
  • 30% is the number of college students who reported feeling depressed to the point where it negatively impacted their ability to function. Approximately 7.5 percent of college students also reported earlier this year that they seriously considered suicide in the last 12 monthswww.thesoultalks10.com

They are incredible numbers and will make us focus that our emotions are being played with by someone who do not have the right to do so.

I will never call someone or myself an emotional fool because what we are doing is investing out emotions into someone which is pure and what they are doing is injustice, playing with it. You are not an emotional fool if you’re being hurt by someone, they are the emotional fools because they cannot value someone who is showing interest and taking the hard-yards to make it happen.

Final thought:

Do not ever call yourself an emotional fool or one with lack of emotions, cus you do not deserve that. One day, some point in life they will realise and maybe it must be late till then. Spread Emotions, Spread Love.

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