Emotional Or Practical: Clearing the Myth



Emotional or Practical?

Its quite difficult for anyone to keep their emotions in-tact, control them or to monitor them. It seems daunting to control emotions but you and I: we have to control emotions. They can be deceptive and can cause self-harm too at times either when one controls them too much or gives a lot of emotion to the other person.

You know it is very difficult to understand this theory that “is it good to be emotional or its better to be practical.” These two theories where one believes in being emotional and one believes in being practical are both justified I feel.

Picking and Choosing:

You know it’s kinda hard for me to differentiate or to choose one between the two as I feel I am an emotional person but I also feel that somewhere deep down I am practical too. Life is all about twists and turns and lunges where one goes from the highs and the other suffers the lows. During lows, it’s the hardest to be practical as emotion flow like the moving water when one experiences anger, stress, frustration, disbelief and then to control them and say to yourself that “Hey, everything’s gonna be alright” is like climbing Mt. Everest

But deep down being emotional is good, you can experience the extremes while being emotional. You can live the moment of that emotion and can feel every inch of it.

There is no good feeling when someone understands your emotions and comes and says that “I got your back.” Trust me on mother earth that I am getting goose-bumps while typing this because this is me, this is how I feel, this is how I want to be.

You know when you’re emotional, you know what you’re feeling and when you’re aware of what you feel, you can easily tackle the situation as you know what you’re feeling.

Being practical?

This world, this big world where the fittest survive and one has to be practical as somewhere you have to be in the race and exceed your limits and at times in doing so, we lose our emotional context and start to be practical and behave practical.

Being practical can take you to the greatest heights but being emotional can let you feel that greatest height. This is the biggest difference I feel in both the terms and their application.

“I shouldn’t be happy”, “I shouldn’t be angry”, “I should avoid that” well we think a lot such kind but why? You have the right to be angry when needed, you have the right to be happy when required, then what stops you from being so? Being practical does not mean losing emotion, being practical according to me is the sense of understanding that it can happen to any individual and I need to understand that problems are a part and parcel of life and no one can take them away. This is what I feel being practical is.

Final Thought.

Guys, its very important to let out your emotions. Let it out in the best possible way, God is good in the midst of evil, god is good in the midst of darkness: believe in God and let your emotions out. Trust me again that you will definitely be practical once you start being emotional.

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13 Replies to “Emotional Or Practical: Clearing the Myth”

  1. Thank you Piyush for exposing a secret that has been hidden from many of us. You’re so right man, we are very emotional beings, but we tend to be practical as well. I think society has always told us that we should always hide our emotions and always stay practical. Again I say, thank you for this amazing content you offered to us.

    1. Well, I am honoured reading this. Thank yourself for evoking your emotions. I hope this will have a positive effect on a lot of people and I also Thank you for taking your time out and reading it. Society can be a lot manipulative but at the end of day if we stay happy then our soul will and eventually everyone around us.

  2. very nice… i really like your blog…

    1. That’s very sweet of you to say🙏🏻☺️

  3. I agree giving you emotions a right path is very necessary, or else it piles up and does a kind of harm, which is really toxic.

    1. Absolutely Moushmi! Thank you for reading!

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  5. Yes , you’re absolutely right ….
    we have the right to be angry when needed
    We have the right to be happy when required
    “I shouldn’t be happy”, “I shouldn’t be angry”, “I should avoid that” so these attitudes are entirely worthless.

    Being practical according to Akshaya is the maturity to understand the phenomenon – ” What we think determines what happens to us, so if we want to change our lives, we need to stretch our minds.& Must accept the truth that life is a mixture of happiness & sadness , always must remember that there will be January after every December.
    This is what I feel being practical is.

    Soooo true….
    Life is all about twists and turns and lunges where one goes from the highs and the other suffers the lows.

    I always like to read posts brother , you’re really a good writer & also an excellent observer .
    Keep sharing 💙

    1. The way you think is literally me thinking👌🏻👌🏻
      If there’s no acceptance then there’s no growth.
      Thank you so much for your profound views always. Highly appreciated your time and effort😊

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