Emotional Health.

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In the modern day and age, everybody talks about fitness, physical health, body type, endurance, muscle, strength and all those terms but very few people talk about getting happiness from within.

Darwin’s theory of evolution is there but there is also a concept of ‘emotional health.’ It is very important to feel the joy from inside rather than flexing the muscle or spending hours in the gym, nothing bad to the above but emotional health should be considered.

Let me throw in some stats pretty early, around 6.9% of the adults of the United States which counts to be 16 million people have at least one major depressive breakdown in the past year which is an astonishing count. 16 million people going through emotional breakdown is not a good site for any country, the possible reasons for such outcome could be stress, anxiety, pressure, relationship ups and downs, etc. Talking about anxiety disorders, 18.1% of the adults in the United States experience posttraumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and specific phobias which is very disheartening.

The numbers keep going up every year and will continue to do that as long as we take a stand and make our emotions pretty firm.

Now, this is easier said than done, the possible remedies for doing the same can be Motivation, good company, good environment, satisfaction, joy, family support, etc. let me tell you all this comes from personal experience as I’ve myself gone through all the stress and emotional breakdown and have risen from it and so want to write about it.

Let me elaborate each topic so that there is enough justification for each and every concept.

Motivation: Now motivation for me is talking to yourself, making sure that there is good communication between your soul and you. It could be by enacting your favourite actor, thinking about something which you cherish, talking in the accent you like, or in the manner you like, being free and talking anything so that your words come out and express so that there is relief and then you that sense of confidence in you to get the job done.

Environment and Satisfaction: There is a great lyric to enhance and embrace yourself from the downs, this one is from Justin Bieber’s latest album Purpose, the song title is also Purpose where in the end he quotes,

 ‘’…I don’t know if this is wrong because someone else is telling me that it’s wrong, But I feel this so let me just like, try my best not to let this happen again, we weren’t necessarily put in the best position to make the best decisions. You can’t be hard on yourself for these were the cards that you were given, so, you have to understand that these like that’s not who you are, you know you’re trying to be the best you can be but that’s all you can do, If you don’t give it all you got, you’re only cheating yourself, give it all you go but if it ends up happening, it ends up happening that’s what its that’s what’s happening with me it’s like, God I’m giving it all I got sometimes I’m weak and I’m gonna do it and it’s like I’m not giving myself grace, I’m just like understanding, that’s just how it is.”

Now, there is a sense of satisfaction by believing in yourself and also by trusting yourself that you can do it, the job can be accomplished. You’re just one turn away to victory.

Joy, family and support: Now, these terms are huge and they determine one’s success be it emotional or physical. Personally, the best way to get support is just believing yourself and staking up your spirits high. Believe that you can go the distance and you can make it worth every mile that you go.

Joy and support are interrelated terms I feel, if you feel good from the inside then you support YOURSELF. You do not require anyone for the moral support when you believe in yourself.

Family is there, they tend to see you happy always and they might not be supportive most of the times, assuring family support is difficult for everyone and to the ones who have it, it’s like an added feather to the crown.

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I feel there was a lot of emotional talk in this but I wanted it out. Type in your comments after reading this, somewhere you might relate yourself too. Have a good life, cheers.

3 Replies to “Emotional Health.”

  1. I appreciate you writing this article Piyush, thank you! Emotional and mental health are one of the most neglected problems in the great country of America, and that’s why suicide rates in the country has increased.
    We do have to pay attention, and I also have some more ideas on improving emotional health on my blog post:


    Geary Erua

    1. Hey, Geary!
      Well, I must say you have great knowledge and commendable skill to write about a concept. Highly impressed.

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