Emiway Raftaar diss: The story continues.

When Eminem released his much-awaited Kamikaze, he had a diss track in it. Machine Gun Kelly once commented about Eminem then-underage daughter Hailie that she was hot. Eminem released the song Not Alike where he responded in a harsh manner to MGK’s statement. MGK (Machine Gun Kelly): rapper from Ohio who responded with his song ‘Rap Devil’ provoking the “Rap God” Eminem which resulted in Eminem releasing ‘Kill Shot’ This feud was the talk of the town a few months ago and resulted in a lot of growth for both the rappers and the fans enjoyed their music.

Also, Eminem in the meantime released his ‘Illuminati song’ Venom. 

Closer home, we saw a similar rivalry in the previous month between Emiway and Raftaar.

Emiway-Raftaar Diss.

This all began when Raftaar in an interview to Raaj Jones said that Rappers like Emiway and Lil Golu are not earning much from music as he is but he also said that Emiway will build an empire of his own.

Emiway took this statement way too personally and released “Samajh mein aaya kya?” He mentioned “Maangne ko paisa mein ghar tere aya kya… Maine janta kamaya chote, samajh mein aaya kya”

For all those who don’t know who Emiway is, well he is a 22-year old rapper from Wadala named Shahrukh Sheikh.

Raftaar then responded to Emiway’s diss with ‘Sheikh Chilli’ where he mentions that “Tu hoga high mera bhai, jo jo tune sunke interview akal nahin chalai. Also, he mentioned about Emiway’s struggling days where he himself helped the rapper come up. This is what he mentioned, “Tu milne ko aaya tha, maine bulaya tha. Saath bithaya tha, khaana khilaya tha. Bandra ke studio mein booking karaya tha.” Raftaar made it clear with his music video that if it wasn’t him then Emiway wouldn’t have reached this far in his career. He paid his bills, his rents and made Emiway meet big labels.

Emiway with his Halloween special released “Giraftaar” where he openly says that Raftaar is a commercial rapper and doesn’t deserve a place in hip-hop rap.


I feel Emiway has build up arrogance within him and has forgotten all those who helped him rise in his career. I feel if it wasn’t Raftaar then Emiway wouldn’t have been this big a-rapper.

Moving ahead, Raftaar then released Anime Hentai where he mentioned Emiway making all vulgar music to gather fame. This song had some good bars and verses where he took Emiway’s case.


Emiway being emiway didn’t stop and released Emiway Bantai Khatm where he abuses Raftaar and goes below the belt and takes it on him. One of his lyrics are “Raftaar ke Bantai ne et bhaga dala”

Ranveer Singh in the meanwhile posted a video on Instagram where he requested both the rappers to take peace among themselves.

I feel that Raftaar’s interview was taken in a very wrong way by Emiway and then this brawl happened. But as a matter of fact, both the rappers gained a lot of fame due to their diss’ Emiway and Raftaar both crossed over 1M+ subscribers on YouTube. Emiway was an underground rapper brought into mainstream by Raftaar and now Emiway releases a diss on him, is that fair? Tell me!

Emiway-Raftaar diss.

This entire diss thing gets the fan very agitated for the opposite rappers and people even think that it was a very well-planned marketing move.

I mean the truth is only for them to decide but brawls as such gets a lot of fame for both the parties. Do tell me what do you think about the story in the comment section down below and do not forget to subscribe to my blog if you haven’t. Do you even think that it was a great marketing strategy which paid off very well?


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  1. Do you  tell me what do you think about the story ?

    Ans:the reason why Emiway enjoys immense popularity despite being an ‘underground’ artist is because of his perceived authenticity. The reason why any rapper’s poetry (or lack of it, in some cases) works in India, is because people find it relatable to an extent that it becomes part of your own reality. Emiway’s journey has been decidedly different from Raftaar’s, in the sense that he takes great pride in never having signed to a label and being ‘truly independent’.

    I feel Emiway has build up arrogance within him and has forgotten all those who helped him rise in his career.  👍 Agreed

    Penned well !!!
    Enjoyed reading

    1. Akshaya you know Emiway was called to Raftaar’s show in Delhi by Raftaar himself and Raftaar introduced him to various labels and his breakthrough song #Sadak was written by Raftaar himself and also introduced to Manj Musik. Raftaar has featured in many of Emiway’s music videos. Raftaar believes in growing together and helping others too but Emiway took it in a wrong direction and thus it all happened.

      Thank you so much for mentioning what you feel. Highly appreciated. Enjoy your Sunday!😊😊

      1. Ok piyush
        Thanks for sharing this with me
        Happy Sunday🍫

        1. My Pleasure Akshaya👍👍

  2. People always forgets about the past when they’ve grown well enough to stand in their own foot. It is very terrible but the people who’ve helped us along our journey has helped us make ourselves and to forget that is like forgetting a part of ourselves and that’s too bad.

    1. Absolutely true there Adi! That’s so inhuman if you forget the ones which helped you rise. So very bad and that’s what Emiway has done. Thank you for sharing your valuable views as always!

      1. God is with those who help us so we should never forget them.

        1. Words of wisdom. Thank you for dropping by!

  3. Keep posting the facts.. love your blogs.!

    1. Its always a pleasure to have someone who reads and appreciates your blog. Thank you for dropping by! 😊😊

  4. Maybe it was all staged to garner followers and fame

    1. I agree with you there! It could’ve been a well planned move to promote each other.

      1. Yeah. Sometimes these are all hog wash

        1. Absolutely. Thank you for dropping by! 🙂

  5. I agree with shantanu sir! Diss track culture is a publicity stunt. Look at Eminem’s kill shot… It went viral and even topped billboards chart. MGK got good amount of fame/hate too.

    1. MGK’s Rap Devil claimed 14th spot in billboard just because of the diss-war. Its at times a Marketing strategy and yk even Raftaar surpassed 1M YT subscribers. Its either a well-planned move or something very disrespectful.

  6. […] on The Soul Talks, I had discussed about the diss-war that occurred between Raftaar and Emiway. The brawl which had taken place went too personal and I feel Emiway deliberately did it. Read the […]

  7. Cannot say anything about it
    But to be fair we dont know the reality at all
    So just by saying that he misunderstood is not right
    Maybe Raftaar on purpose provoked or said that
    Or maybe emiway and both knew that by doing this they could gather fame
    So passing conclusions is definitely not right!

    1. I feel Emiway took it in a wrong way…although he raps exceptional but that’s what I feel.

  8. It is also possible that raftaar had good intentions while launching emiway but then due to people liking emiway he must have felt a complex and hence he said whatever in that interview. looking at the interview raftaar was talking about underground rappers not earning money.. now he could have stopped there, but he took emiway and only emiway’s name.

    My thoughts are that even though a person has given you a break it does not imply that you need to be sub-servant to him all your life.

    Say if raftaar would have given him a colab in #sadak but after that emiway would have not made any songs then would emiway even have been remembered…..most likely no

    In my view 99% work was of emiway, raftaar was just a trigger and that could be anybody but emiway had the talent

    If i was in emiway’s place i would also have probably done the something who is raftaar to name and comment on anyone’s bank balance.

    Looking from raftaar’s POV he has also done the same thing with yo yo honey singh for a song in the film fugly

    these are my thoughts about this subject

    If you feel emiway took it in a wrong way then why did raftaar make sheikh chilli and question emiway’s religion,name,etc
    pls don’t judge a fight based on just logics that he must respect the person who gave him a break.

    just to make it clear

    1. I feel they both did it to popularise each other. Look at Emiway now, he has more than 4M YT Subscribers.

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