How To Deal With Negative People in the Most Effective Way!

how to deal with negative people

A few days back I was listening to Jay Shetty’s podcast “On Purpose” and I loved the fact the way he mentioned this topic and the way he spoke about it. He was speaking about “Negative People and How to Deal with them.” It was so beautifully explained that I kept on hearing him and […]

How to Stay Positive. 6 Ways to Take Out Negativity.

how to stay positive

You cannot avoid negative situations, they end up happening. What matters is how can we counteract the negative effect on our lives and on our attitudes? The Power of Positive thought process aids us to stay positive even in the midst of tragedy. Learning this Power of Positivity in negative situations is Invaluable. So, here […]

Feeling of empathy.

Previously on The Soul Talks, I had mentioned about Self-love and also had cleared a lot of air that revolves around self-love. In case, if you’ve not read the article, do have a look. I’ve noticed this thing a lot that we don’t care about others, we don’t look for their perspective and we don’t […]

Self Love. The Myths about Self-Love.


Loving yourself is easier said than done. It is very simple to say but its tough at times or maybe complicated too. It’s not an issue for one person in particular who feel they’re not worthy of anyone’s love – many people struggle with it on a slightly different level, consciously or unconsciously giving up […]

Three Crucial factors to identify Positive Vibes.

positive vibe

Previously on The Soul Talks, I had mentioned about How to Let Things go and why you should let things go. In case, you’ve missed the article, press this ‘Lettings Things Go’ Today, the topic that I’ll be sharing with you is about Oozing Positive Vibes. Positive vibes for me are of utmost want, if […]