Interviewing Mental Health Advocate Sabrina J!

Mental Health is still thrown in the shade and people don’t want to talk about it. I feel there’s very less awareness about it and people hesitate to speak about it thinking it’s a crime. The stigma around mental health is growing so much and mental health advocates are doing a lot to take out […]

How To Deal With Negative People in the Most Effective Way!

how to deal with negative people

A few days back I was listening to Jay Shetty’s podcast “On Purpose” and I loved the fact the way he mentioned this topic and the way he spoke about it. He was speaking about “Negative People and How to Deal with them.” It was so beautifully explained that I kept on hearing him and […]

How to Overcome Fear in the Most Effective Way!

Fear scares you down and then what you do is try running away from it. If you’re not ready to face your fear then do not scroll down. Now, that you’re scrolling down, I’m sure you’re ready to face it, that’s a good step ahead. Overcoming your fear is a challenge that you have to […]

How to Get Rid of Stress: 6 Methods to Quickly Get Rid of Stress!

how to get rid of stress

Stress is something where either we’re too much filled up or we’re too empty to do something. It’s a feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure and everyone has their own ways to get rid of stress. One may not be in the mood to meditate during stress as our thoughts are […]

6 Easy But Effective Ways to Overcome Frustration.

how to get rid of frustration

Frustration is something that develops within ourselves when we are blocked from achieving a goal that we desired. When we usually achieve a goal, we feel pleased about it and if we are prevented from reaching to that particular goal, we usually get frustrated or annoyed. It could be to anyone or anything, frustration hits […]

6 Proven Ways To Cure Your Own Depression.

how to get rid of depression

Depression is a deadly disease. It can take down anyone in its flow. Anyone, I mean anyone! Look at the recent example where Justin Bieber is facing depression and is not able to stay stable. Being a Belieber, it cringes me when the person you stan goes through a bad phase. So I decided that […]

How to Stay Positive. 6 Ways to Take Out Negativity.

how to stay positive

You cannot avoid negative situations, they end up happening. What matters is how can we counteract the negative effect on our lives and on our attitudes? The Power of Positive thought process aids us to stay positive even in the midst of tragedy. Learning this Power of Positivity in negative situations is Invaluable. So, here […]

6 Tips When Your Friendship Becomes Something More.

When Friendship becomes something more

Is it a Mistake or Start of Something Big? It’s really confusing when things between colleagues at work or things between friends turn suddenly into a romantic or a sexual feeling. This edgy feeling at times makes relationships really awkward when the bar is suddenly raised. But you must be really mindful in what happened. Whether it was a drunken encounter after […]

6 Incredible Tips to Get Rid of Anxiety in like 5 mins.

How to get rid of anxiety

This is what it melts down to ‘How to get rid of anxiety?’ Some anxiety is a normal part and parcel of life with the often-chaotic world. Anxiety isn’t all bad, though! What it does, is makes you aware of danger, usually motivates you to stay organized and prepared and helps you to manage risks. […]

How to improve your Mental Health in 2019

how to improve your mental health

This is probably the most important post that I’ve done so far. Why this is of so much importance is because its going to change your perception in 2019. 2018 is now done and dusted and everyone is looking forward for 2019. Most of y’all might have come up with the to-do lists in 2019 […]

Failure is very positive, take a look

Failure is accompanied by a variety of emotions; embarrassment, anxiety, anger, sadness, and shame to name a few. Those feelings are uncomfortable and many people will do anything they can to escape feeling emotional discomfort.  Let me tell you this straight up front that if you’ve failed that means you’ve tried and always remember this […]

Demi Lovato is Sober and she’s back to life.

Demi Lovato Sober

Demi Lovato has completely changed her life after the tragic event that happened to her earlier this summer. The 26-year-old singer was rushed to the Los Angeles hospital on 24th July and subsequently suffered severe complications from her reported ‘life-threatening’ drug overdose. Ever since her discharge from the hospital she has been in the rehab. […]

Letting things go: Three ways to do it.

letting things go

Hello guys, Previously on the Soul Talks, I had mentioned about Eminem and his music video Venom, which was basically decoding his song. Today the aspect that I’m gonna talk about is ‘Letting Things Go.’ Deciding to hold on to the past or some past experiences will hold you back from a creating a strong […]

Life sucks: Do think again before saying it.

life sucks

Previously on The Soul Talks, I had mentioned my views on Why should a person start speaking his troubles to someone and also had mentioned that how effective sharing your thoughts can be. In case, you’ve missed the article, here’s the link: Today the aspect that I’ll be talking about is ‘Does life really suck?’ […]

Three Effective Outputs of Sharing Your Thoughts.

Sharing your thoughts

Previously on The Soul Talks, I had mentioned a poem where the storyline was the pain that is suffered when one of the two is honest while the other is dishonest. In case you’ve missed the poem, here’s the link: Today the aspect that I’ll be mentioning is ‘Sharing Your Thoughts‘ Restricting ourselves to not […]

Happiness: There’s more to the story.

Happiness: The second edition to the story. So, if you have read my blog on happiness: the greatest emotion or a myth, you might know that in that article I had mentioned what Happiness is not and what exactly happiness is. I know many of y’all might not have read the article so if you […]

Mental Health: Ways to cure Mental Health

mental health

The most neglected aspect of mankind and the most crucial one which is the cause for major changes into our system. Yes, I’m talking about Mental Health. I’ve already mentioned my views on emotional health but I feel it has to be expressed more. In case, you’ve missed the article on emotional health here’s the […]