Lust of life. Lust > Love.

lust of life

Lust is usually intense or unbridled sexual desire which is outnumbered completely to love. Uncontrollable and foreseen in modern day, this emotion is gaining a lot of weightage as people are revolving around it I’m talking about Lust of Life. The other ‘L’ orto further call it the sacred one is now being replaced and […]

Passionate Feeling

passionate feeling

Previously on The Soul Talks, I had mentioned about Overthinking: What Overthinking is, how is it caused? and also had given ways through which I get over Overthinking. In case, you’ve missed the article, here’s the link:    Today, the emotion that I’m gonna talk about is ‘passion.’  So, penning down a passionate poem on ‘passion.’    […]

Expectation: The Mistrusted Emotion.

Expectation: The Mistrusted Emotion? What is expectation? Expectation is a strong belief that someone might achieve something. Now, its good to have expectations but somewhere at the end of the day, they hurt too. Expectations can be calculative. For example: I can only expect myself to get lean and all fit if I take my […]