6 Tips When Your Friendship Becomes Something More.

When Friendship becomes something more

Is it a Mistake or Start of Something Big?

It’s really confusing when things between colleagues at work or things between friends turn suddenly into a romantic or a sexual feeling. This edgy feeling at times makes relationships really awkward when the bar is suddenly raised. But you must be really mindful in what happened. Whether it was a drunken encounter after the office party or hooking up with your long-time best friend! You must be really careful in what is going, so here are 6 things to consider when the friendship suddenly becomes something more.


Don’t be Hasty:

When Friendship becomes something more

first things first, take a deep breath. It all must’ve happened so quickly that you might get into the flow. But you’ll have to figure things out before stepping ahead. You know there’s this urge to something quickly or immediately but it is in most cases – counterproductive. Your mind will shift gears in thinking from whether it must have been a mistake or now you’ll enter into a full blown, long term relationship. So, you’ll have to spend some time thinking about it before letting your instincts getting the job done. Being thoughtful will prevent yourself from making a situation way too worse for yourself and the partner.

Do not think you can read minds:

When Friendship becomes something more

Whether or not you love the person, hate the person, or something in between, if there was consent in the hookup then you have to treat them with respect, no matter you feel good about it or you feel bad about it. Dumping them or lashing out at the person is not what he/she deserves. This is why I’m telling you that don’t think you can read minds. Do not assume you know how they feel, no matter how many crystal balls you possess.

Be careful who you tell:

When Friendship becomes something more

Basically, what happens is when things get ahead our instinct is to tell them to our closest friends or cubemate at office and update them with our juicy experience. Whether it’s humorous or horrifying or maybe both, you need to curb down the urge to share too much, especially if you know that the person is less likely to be trusted. It can come back to haunt you and to be honest, I feel its unfair to the person you were involved with.

Be honest with yourself about your feelings:

When Friendship becomes something more

It might be the case that you’ve been having feelings for this person for a very long time or maybe you hooked up with him/her in the quest of beginning the spark of the relationship that you thought should happen, even though its not coming naturally. Denying yourself the opportunity to go ahead in the relationship because you think those feelings are not right or maybe suppressing thoughts that do not match with your ‘ideal’ feel, is only going to take you farther away down the path of doing what’s best and truest to your feelings.

Look for bigger patterns:

When Friendship becomes something more

There’s a chance that this experience is indicative or something larger. Can it tell you something about a behaviour pattern you have with friendships, or with sex?

There’s a chance that this experience is indicative or something larger. Can it tell you something about a behaviour pattern you have with friendships, or with sex? Is there something about impulsive behaviour that you need to pay attention to? Or if alcohol or drugs were involved, is this a symptom of a problem with substances? If this experience needs to serve a wakeup call for you, take heed.

Make a plan for moving forward:

When Friendship becomes something more

At the end of the day, you’ll have to think of what’s next? Even if the plan is just to hold on and take you away from what had happened. You need to decide what’s next going ahead, whether you can visualise what you want of ‘this relationship’, be it romantic, platonic, sexual, or something in the middle. Its not always about what you want to say, but at times you need to understand what you might ask and what is the response you’ll hear and understand.

You should let this experience teach you about yourself and get to know your feelings more and then it will help you in the future if in case any of such thing happens again!

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  4. Being hasty is the biggest mistake all of us make.

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  6. I think everyone goes through it at some point in their life

    1. It depends on how you want it to shape the relationship!

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