6 Easy But Effective Ways to Overcome Frustration.

how to get rid of frustration

Frustration is something that develops within ourselves when we are blocked from achieving a goal that we desired. When we usually achieve a goal, we feel pleased about it and if we are prevented from reaching to that particular goal, we usually get frustrated or annoyed.

It could be to anyone or anything, frustration hits you like a truck and then it brings anger and spoils the situation.

You know, last night while writing this, I was frustrated as I couldn’t think of a topic to write on, so this made me write on frustration. Everyone has their own dose of frustration but the main aspect is What we do next? Do we hurt our family, friends, or anybody during frustration or we try to find a way out of it!

So, if you’re frustrated or annoyed, you got to stick till the end. 

Decide What You Need to Do!

how to get rid of frustration

When we get into serious frustration with some problem then what we do is we decide not to work on it anymore. It might very hard, very frustrating and we’re not going anywhere forward from the problem. We then tend to Procrastinate which is absolutely not the right thing to do. As you know if you keep moving forward, you will definitely get past the temporary setback.

Just like how Thomas Edison said: “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up” and “Surprises and reverses can serve as an incentive for great accomplishment.”

The other thing that happens here is we start to spend a lot of time worrying about it. Worrying prevents you to move forward and it is a definite waste of energy. Taking action will make you move forward. And the best part here is, once you start moving forward, you will then realise that you worried for no reason.


Simplify and Take Out Gimmicks/Noise

how to get rid of frustration

When we’re trying to solve a problem, we at times get so wrapped up in trying to find a solution we unnecessary clutter because we think that there ‘might’ be a solution.

You know, while working on this website, I get a lot of mails on “easy ways to run your website”, “get more traffic”, “make more money” etc. they’re just NOISE and its even a waste of time reading them. They’re just marketers looking to sell and make easy money. They don’t even care what I write on.

When usually we are frustrated by how slow the hard work process is taking, we tend to get attracted by these “Here’s what you’ve been missing” and “I’ll make it easy for you” offers. They’re all just gimmicks and if we get tempted by these offers and take it, 6 months down the lane we realise the fact that if we would’ve kept on with our hard work, we could’ve been a lot further ahead than that of what we currently are. Believe in yourself, Simplify and go back to basics. Determine what is really necessary and remove everything else. Anything that takes your time and effort that isn’t adding value, should be eliminated.

Take Action

how to get rid of frustration

At times we get so stuck in one problem and in trying to solve it, we tend to forget what we were originally trying to achieve. Do not ask these to yourself: “Why did this happen?” Asking questions like that will keep you rooted in the past. It doesn’t offer a solution to the problem.

The most important thing is knowing the answer to:

What do you want to happen differently this time?

What do you need to do in order to get there?

Remove What’s Unnecessary

how to get rid of frustration

As I said earlier, frustration brings anger and at times we have a natural habit of being angry all of time. This is often the case when we are used to blaming others for our own mistakes. Instead of taking responsibility, we put the blame on others. There are people with anger issues and get angry very quickly at anyone around them so as to solve the problem that they are facing even if its their own fault. We need to learn how to be more responsible. In this way, we can control our anger. Break the bad habit of irresponsibility and of constant anger too.

Solve your Fear

how to get rid of frustration

The build-up to anger is caused by fear. Something might happen and you’ll get scared. We tend to experience fear if we lose our control, get in trouble, get embarrassed in public. This fear is then very easily transformed into anger. The body then reacts by choosing a fight or flight response and in most of the cases we choose the fight option. We begin to fight back at what is scaring us and then anger takes over and then frustration sets in. To stop this from happening, the best option is to simply to get rid of the fear. What is really causing you this fear? Is it within your control not? Is it rational or are you exaggerating? By investigating and finding out the answers to these questions, you can identify the source of your fear, eliminate it and put out the anger it is causing you.


Do Not Let Your Past Haunt You!

how to get rid of frustration

Life can be unfair at times. Some of us had experience abuse in our childhood years. As a memory, we can carry pain and thus anger throughout into our adulthood. This anger can cause us to be constantly irritated. While carrying anger on our nose, we can hurt ourselves and also the people around us. The agony that one carries around can cause angry reactions to everything that happens out of order. If you’re angry almost all the time due to an event that happened in your past, the best possible way is to deal with it so as to eliminate the pain and calm your anger. It is the only way to experience true peace.

Similarly as with any issue, the solution is to make sense of what your alternatives are, settle on an arrangement, focus, and after that make a move. By utilizing the above 6 steps, you should find that you’re running into less problem and feeling less frustrated. Rather, you may find that you’re running into opportunities and you know precisely how to make complete use of them.


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12 Replies to “6 Easy But Effective Ways to Overcome Frustration.”

  1. Very true, when we get frustrated about something we should plan and take action about it, rather than worrying. Because as long as we keep going ahead, we keep getting better at whatever it is that we want to achieve. And not doing anything is like waiting for things to magically get better, which will never really happen unless you stop imagining your ‘ideal’ life and start working with the resources you already have with you.
    Awesome post, thumbs up 👍

    1. Exactly. You gotta work hard to achieve what you imagine. Its good to have imagination but it becomes reality when you work on it. Thank you for stopping by and mentioning your views. Appreciated! 😊

  2. Very Informative & helpful article. I’m sure it will help a lot of people.

    Keep it up bro😊

    1. Thank you Sumeet for your views. Its been a while since we’ve catched up! Have a great day ahead! 😊

  3. Some frustration can really frustrate you, especially when things involved are beyond you. But as you told remaining calm is the first step. It’s easier said than done but taking an effort can reduce the damage. Well structured post and well written by you Piyush. I see wisdom beyond your age in you. Good work 👍

    1. Frustration is something which is not irrational and its okay to be frustrated but what’s not okay is ‘The After Effects of Frustration’ Thank you so much for your valuable comments. Have a great day Anamika 🙂

  4. How did you come up with those?

    1. This is what I do when I’m frustrated and you know seeking medical help is good but when you can improve yourself by YOURSELF then that’s a very great thing to do! So, yeah I write my articles to help people get rid of their disorders by themselves!

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